A Christian university provides a learning atmosphere for students of all faiths or no faith while accenting the Christian way of life. Meetings and social events open with prayer, seeking spiritual guidance. Professors often devote time to encourage students to give of themselves as required of the faithful. Students’ Christian beliefs and standards of behavior are respected in the supportive environment. Students who consider enrolling in a Christian university can expect to experience influences on some of life’s most essential aspects. The college experience affects a student socially, spiritually and scholastically.

Social Factors

Achieving a sense of belonging is an essential aspect of college life, especially important to students going away from home for the first time. The social atmosphere at a Christian college lets a student feel included. Christian universities encourage and facilitate fellowship with other students of a like mind. Having interests that coincide with campus activities offers students a way to fit in and to participate in faith based events.

Joining a prayer group, a campus church choir, a sports team or working on the school newspaper can provide opportunities to have fellowship with other Christians. Friendships formed in college often last for a lifetime. Campus life in a Christian university is the same as it is on any other campus with the advantage of providing an atmosphere that encourages a commitment to faith and fellowship.

Spiritual Development

Living and learning with others who share common values and beliefs allows students to nourish a relationship with God. Openly sharing ideas about faith and beliefs in a safe environment is essential to the development of a testimony that is solid and strong.

Students draw strength from attending chapel services on campus that are led by faculty and staff as well as by students. Taking an active role in participating in the presentation of a part of a worship service is often extremely valuable in a student’s spiritual growth. Christian professors join students in worshipful services that enhance the importance of developing a growing relationship with God.

Students can find opportunities to serve others by leading a prayer group, planning community service projects or working with student government. Putting Christian principles into practical service outlets reconfirms and strengthens faith and bonds participants together.

Scholastic Achievement

Attending college introduces students to subjects and practices that are broadening intellectually, a primary purpose of education. Scholarship is an honored tradition that is essential at any university, and Christian universities show students how each major field of study contributes to living a rewarding, God-centered life.

Professors at most universities are knowledgeable and friendly people who enjoy teaching students. Professors at Christian universities are free to openly share their views about the importance of serving the Lord. Learning from and studying with Christian teachers gives students the opportunity to increase knowledge about a chosen field of study as well as to reconfirm a commitment to faith in God.