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Michael Templeton – Content Strategy & Advertising
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Michael Templeton has spent over 10 years in higher education, with a primary focus on communication. He has studied and completed degrees at a variety of both secular and Christian institutions, most recently earning a Master of Divinity from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Michael has worked several years overseas in a missions/pastoral capacity and currently resides in North Carolina where he and his wife homeschool their young and growing flock of children.

Anna-Rebekah Orr – Associate Editor

Anna-Rebekah Orr is a home-school graduate and an avid reader. One of her interests is the cultivation of a Biblical worldview – a subject that has been nurtured by her exposure to a variety conference lectures, seminary classes, and personal study. The eldest of nine children, Anna-Rebekah currently resides in North Carolina with her family. In her spare time when she does not have a book in hand, Anna-Rebekah enjoys pursuing her education in photography; crafting; and spending time with her family.

Gary Orr – Associate Editor
Gary Orr
Gary Orr is a recovering yankee currently living in North Carolina with his large family. Originally from the Philadelphia area, Gary has held may different positions in a varied career ranging from sales to legal to construction claims. He earned his degree in Finance “a hundred years ago (when a dollar was worth a dollar)” and is currently employed at Wells Fargo. A perpetual student enrolled in the school of life, Gary has diverse interests and enjoys conversing on a wide variety of topics.