The 50 Best Christian Colleges in the U.S.


Baylor University

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One of the first educational institutions west of the Mississippi River and the oldest continuously operating university in Texas, Baylor University (BU) has a tremendous history and reputation in academics, campus life and athletics. As rich and treasured as their history is, BU does not rely upon the past to earn it the no.5 position in our ranking. BU was ranked 75th out of 262 national universities in the 2014 “Best Colleges” ranking of the U.S. News & World Report. Whether you are considering value, academic excellence or campus life, BU maintains top rankings on the national scale each and every year. The academic programs offered at Baylor open up just about any career path that a student could think of and all of these paths come with room to explore. BU offers 150 undergraduate programs, 76 master’s and 22 doctoral programs. You will be hard pressed to find a more full and robust campus life at any private Christian institution. BU offers a very rich and rewarding student life that will equip every graduate to excel no matter what path they choose for their career.

Additional School Information
Student-to-faculty ratio: 15:1
Applicants accepted: 57%
Receive scholarship/grant aid: 95%
Return after freshman year: 87%
Graduate within six years: 75%


Pepperdine University

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Located on a 830 acre campus overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Pepperdine University is situated on one of the most beautiful campuses in our list but has a lot more than beauty to offer to its students. Pepperdine was founded in 1937 and is affiliated with the Churches of Christ. Pepperdine’s academic programs are administered through five schools headquartered at the Malibu campus and courses are taught at four graduate campuses in Southern California. Pepperdine also operates permanent program facilities in Washington, D.C., Germany, England, Italy, Switzerland, Argentina and China. Each of these schools and locations are knitted together with the common institutional idea that all would be done to the glory of God. The founder, Mr. Pepperdine, saw no contradiction between a goal of excellence in learning and profession and the goal of doing that to God’s glory. Pepperdine’s academics and student life continue to this day to keep God’s glory at the center of all that they do.

Additional School Information
Student-to-faculty ratio: 13:1
Applicants accepted: 37%
Receive scholarship/grant aid: 68%
Return after freshman year: 91%
Graduate within six years: 80%

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Goshen College

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Goshen College (GC) is a nationally ranked liberal arts college located in Goshen, IN and was established in 1894. GC has a strong thread of peace and productivity running through just about everything the college does. Having faith and an open mind is the starting point for to work towards a peaceful response to whatever challenges the world throws at them. What they call the “Goshen Core” aims to prepare every graduate to investigate complex problems with a multi-disciplinarian approach. Undergraduates have 37 majors to choose from in addition to a host of minors and concentrations that can be combined to suit each student’s desire based upon their chosen career path. GC currently offers four graduate degrees and a good variety of adult degree completion programs. In addition to these degree program, GC is known for its Study-Service Term (SST) in which students work and study in another country for three months. This program has students learning the host country’s language, history and culture while participating in service work in a very wide range of occupations. This experience combined with the top tier academic program and exciting campus life make GC one of our top choices.

Additional School Information
Student-to-faculty ratio: 10:1
Applicants accepted: 55%
Receive scholarship/grant aid: 100%
Return after freshman year: 85%
Graduate within six years: 70%


Gordon College

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Founded in 1889, Gordon College (GC) is a liberal arts college located in Wenham, MA just north of Boston. GC faculty and administration approach education as transformation and seek to create a context in which each student’s vocation is refined and opportunities to apply what they are learning abound. GC strives to keep the torch, that many of its neighboring institutions once carried, burning which works to integrate faith and learning and to train students to think holistically about the problems they will face in their professions. There are five components that provide the framework for this approach to education: 1) academic community, 2) mentors, 3) moral development, 4) professional development, and 5) developing the “tools of learning.” GC offers 38 majors and 41 concentrations from which students can chart their training and preparation as well as graduate degrees in education and music. In addition to these campus based options, student at GC have numerous global opportunities to broaden their view of the world and deepen their understanding of the problems they will have to be prepared to address upon graduation.

Additional School Information
Student-to-faculty ratio: 14:1
Applicants accepted: 41%
Receive scholarship/grant aid: 99%
Return after freshman year: 80%
Graduate within six years: 71%


College of the Ozarks

College of the Ozarks
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Charging no tuition, that’s right, ZERO, will catch just about any shopping student or parent’s attention. College of the Ozarks (CO) is able to offer this unique opportunity because of its student work program and generous donations. CO is not called “Hard Work U” for nothing! The student work program requires full-time students to work 15 hours at their assigned campus work station. This work experience not only results in the #2 ranking of affordability but it also gives students a great advantage upon graduation when entering the workforce. Students have over 40 majors to choose from and an almost equal number of minors along with 10 pre-professional programs. This combination of top rate academic training combined with a no-nonsense approach to hands on training and good dose of real world responsibility earns this institution the top spot in this list.

Additional School Information
Student-to-faculty ratio: 14:1
Applicants accepted: 13%
Receive scholarship/grant aid: 100%
Return after freshman year: 88%
Graduate within six years: 65%


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