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50 Best Value Christian Colleges and Universities

Best Value Christian Colleges and Universities
The famous Irish writer and poet, Oscar Wilde, once wrote, “Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” To oversimplify your college search by focusing too much on price could cause you to err in at least two areas. The first error could be in thinking the more I pay for my education then the higher the quality. The second error would be to limit yourself by eliminating schools too quickly simply because their “sticker price” is out of your budget. This ranking seeks to focus on the value of certain institutions without letting the financials dominate the landscape. We also want to help prospective students and parents to look past the sticker price and dig deeper for the net tuition cost, for many times you will be pleasantly surprised. This list attempts to take our overall best data and our affordability data and consider both in order to achieve a focus on what you are getting for your money.

This ranking was built using publicly available data from U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics. The methodology we followed was based on methodology employed by U.S. News and World Report. We calculated a ratio of quality to price by dividing the school’s overall best score to its net cost. The higher the ratio then the higher the score. This accounted for 70% of the best value score. Next we considered the overall discount which was calculated by comparing the sticker cost for each school to its net cost (calculated by subtracting the average amount of grant or scholarship aid from the tuition, books, room & board). This overall discount value accounted for 30% of the best value score. The colleges and universities on this list had to be accredited by the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS) or a member/affiliate of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU).


Eastern University


Eastern University (EU) was established in 1925 and has its main campus located in St. Davids, PA with other locations in PA, WV, and Rwanda, Africa. The university has found its way into our exceeding expectations ranking and our overall best ranking. In addition to our rankings, EU continues to earn the respect and recognition of the liberal arts education community as an institution of academic excellence and financial affordability. To earn this spot, EU relied heavily on its strong performance in our overall best categories while using their affordability numbers to edge out strong competition.


Hardin-Simmons University

Hardin-Simmons University

Established in 1891 and affiliated with the Baptist General Convention of Texas since 1941, Hardin-Simmons University (HSU) is located in Abilene, TX. Having already been ranked in our overall best ranking, HSU sneaks into the top 50 of our current ranking through its low student-to-faculty ratio, abundant grant and scholarship opportunities, and strong retention rate. In addition to the already affordable cost, HSU makes the commitment to students meeting specific criteria and who are making satisfactory progress toward their degree that their tuition rate will not be increased.


Christian Life College


Christian Life College (CLC) has been focused on educating and training students for a life of faithful ministry for over 50 years. The campus is located in Mount Prospect, IL and its proximity to Chicago provides abundant opportunities for students to put into practice what they are learning in the classroom. CLC’s affordability is the strength that helped the school break into its first spot of our rankings. Students have the opportunity to pursue an undergraduate degree in Ministerial Studies with 16 different areas of study. The very small and intimate classroom and campus setting of this institution provide for long lasting relationships that are strengthened as worship and service fill each day.


Anderson University - IN

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Located in Anderson, IN, Anderson University (AU) has been educating and training students for a life of faith and service in the church and society for almost 100 years. This ranking spot marks AU’s second showing on our site having already been ranked in our overall best ranking. When you consider the combination that AU serves up with a very low student-to-faculty ratio, a selective admissions process, affordable net tuition cost, and high quality academics, it should come as no surprise that this school has earned a spot in our current ranking.


Crown College


Crown College (CC) had its beginnings as a Bible Institute in 1916 and has grown to become a four-year institution offering more than 30 accredited majors. CC is located in St. Bonifacius, MN situated on a beautiful 215-acre campus only 30 minutes west of Minneapolis, MN. CC has already made appearances in our exceeding expectations and overall best rankings. While being recognized by other rankings for its affordability, CC really packs a punch in our overall best categories of accessibility to grants and scholarships, selectivity, and retention. This combination of reasonable affordability and a very high level of quality has earned CC this spot.


Lipscomb University


Established in 1891 with its sights set on becoming one of the premier educational institutions in the world, Lipscomb University (LU) has always pursued an integration of the Christian faith in every possible academic discipline. LU is located in the exciting city of Nashville, TN. Maintaining a very low student-to-faculty ratio for a school with a student body of over 4,500, highly accessible financial aid and strong showings in the selectivity and retention categories, LU missed breaking into the top 10 of our overall best ranking by only 3 spots and also appears near the top 10 of our lowest debt ranking.


Oral Roberts University


Founded in 1965 and located in Tulsa, OK, Oral Roberts University (ORU) continues to provide students with a world class academic training while maintaining its spiritual life instilled by its founder, the evangelist Oral Roberts. These qualities among others have earned ORU two appearances in our rankings (overall best & lowest debt). A value worth recognition is what you get when you combine the moderate affordability of an ORU education with strong performances in our overall best categories, such as accessible financial aid, high selectivity and strong retention rates.


Bluffton University


Bluffton University (BU) is located in Bluffton, OH and was established in 1899 originally as Mennonite College and has maintained its affiliation with the Mennonite Church USA. BU’s commitment to academic excellence, effort to keep their tuition as affordable as possible along with a perfect score for accessibility to grants and scholarships for beginning undergraduates has earned the school spots in our exceeding expectations and overall best rankings. These qualities combined with BU’s ability to keep their average net tuition down has earned the school yet another spot in our current ranking.


Oklahoma Christian University

bphoto (3)

Situated only minutes from the lively downtown of Oklahoma City, OK, Oklahoma Christian University (OCU) has been providing students a distinctly Christian higher education for over 60 years. Evidenced by OCU’s lowest debt burden and affordability rankings, students of OCU can expect to make excellent use of their tuition dollars. Lastly, staff and faculty at OCU seek to help their students think and act globally by offering more than 20 study abroad and community learning opportunities.


Northwestern College--IA


Located in Orange City, IA and established in 1882, Northwestern College (NWC) is a private Christian liberal arts college affiliated with the Reformed Church in America. NWC continues to add to its growing reputation by earning this spot through an effective combination of a low student-to-faculty ratio and high marks for their retention and graduation rates. This success combined with their liberal admission policy and high acceptance rate also earned them a spot just about in the middle of our exceeding expectations ranking.


Judson University


Judson University (JU) was established in 1963 and is located in Elgin, IL. Originally the undergraduate liberal arts component of a Baptist seminary established in 1913, JU carries on its liberal arts academic training while also maintaining its Baptist affiliation. This is the debut for JU in our rankings and can be attributed to the school’s strong and steady combination of a very low student-to-faculty ratio, retention rate, and overall cost and financial aid accessibility. JU currently serves up more than 50 majors, minors and concentrations in addition to its 10 pre-professional programs. Degrees are offered at the undergraduate and graduate level. Off-campus, study abroad, internships, practicums, and field experience give some examples of how well rounded the JU opportunity is when it comes to balancing the theoretical with the practical. Lastly, student at JU should expect to be challenged and strengthened in their Christian faith through campus worship and community service opportunities in addition to the strong integration of Christian faith in the classroom.


Mount Vernon Nazarene University


Mount Vernon Nazarene University (MVNU) was established in 1968 and is located in Mount Vernon, OH. MVNU is one of eight liberal arts colleges affiliated with the Church of the Nazarene and serves the East Central region of the U.S. MVNU already earned a spot in our overall best ranking and again combined quality and excellent affordability to earn another spot for itself in this ranking. Mount Vernon has an excellent student-to-faculty ratio, abundance of financial aid available that reduces the average net tuition by over 40%, and strong retention and graduation rates. These strong numbers combined with the vibrant campus community and vigorous spiritual life make this a great place to continue your preparation for God’s calling on your life.


Houghton College


Houghton College (HC) was established in 1883 and is located in Houghton, NY. HC is definitely no stranger to national recognition and has also been a frequent visitor to our rankings. Its best showing was in our lowest debt ranking with additional appearances in our exceeding expectations and overall best rankings. HC combines a near open admissions level of acceptance and then demonstrates its academic quality through its above average retention and graduation rates. It’s with this type of performance combined with a reasonable net tuition attainable through accessible financial aid that HC has landed another spot in one of our top 50 rankings.


MidAmerica Nazarene University


MidAmerica Nazarene University (MNU) is located in Olathe, KS and was established in 1966 by the Church of the Nazarene as one of its eight liberal arts colleges in the U.S. MNU is the Nazarene College for the North Central region and is expected to respect an unofficial agreement among the eight Nazarene Colleges to not recruit outside of their region. MNU debuted with us by squeezing into our affordability ranking through its readily available average financial aid that results in a very affordable net tuition cost.


Union University


Union University (UU) was established in 1823 and is located in Jackson, TN with additional campuses in Germantown and Hendersonville, TN. UU has already racked up a top 10 spot in our lowest debt ranking, a top 20 spot in our overall best ranking, and a top 50 spot in our exceeding expectations ranking. Students are able to benefit from the very low student-to-faculty ratio (enrollment exceeds 4,200), perfect mark for full-time beginning undergraduates receiving grant or scholarship aid, and lastly a generous percent of applicants admitted with a probability of retention approaching 100 percent! The sticker price of the net tuition for UU seems like a steal when you consider consistent results like these.


LeTourneau University


LeTourneau University (LETU) is located in Longview, TX and was established in 1946 to initially educate veterans returning from World War II but has has grown into a nationally recognized institution. Some of LETU’s most recognized programs of study are in the engineering, engineering technology, aviation, aeronautical science, and business fields. This commitment to academic excellence in these fields as well as many others has earned LETU a top 20 spot in our overall best ranking. One of LETU’s many strengths lies in the ability to offer students the opportunity study in fields that are not in abundant supply among our pool of institutions. LETU has earned an excellent reputation not only for excellence but also for the ability of the staff and faculty to instill in the graduates a sense of holy-calling no matter what vocation they are preparing to enter.


Covenant College


Covenant College (CC) was established in 1955 and following a split among Bible Presbyterians, their founding denomination, they moved to St. Louis, MO and three years later moved to their current location at Lookout Mountain, GA. The current location of the school is arguably the most beautiful location of any higher education institution in the nation and possibly the world (see our most beautiful ranking). The recognition does not stop with the school’s beauty but CC has already earned two top 20 spots in our lowest debt and overall best rankings. CC keeps its student-to-faculty ratio very competitive, provides almost 100% of their incoming undergraduates some level of grant and scholarship financial aid, and consistently cranks out strong retention and graduation numbers. Students looking for a Christian education taught from a Reformed worldview will find a great fit with CC.


Eastern Mennonite University


Situated in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Eastern Mennonite University (EMU) has been educating students in the liberal arts tradition for just under 100 years. The influence of the Mennonite affiliation of this institution can be felt strongly in their emphasis upon peacebuilding across just about every academic discipline offered and the commitment to foster a genuine Christ-centered attitude of service to others. EMU is well-known for its world-renowned Summer Peacebuilding Institute that has produced results through its graduates around the world . The extremely low student-to-faculty ratio contributes to the intimate setting students will find in the classroom at EMU and provides the foundation for the academic excellence that employers and graduate schools have come to expect. EMU’s appearance in this ranking marks its second appearance with its first being in the top 20 of our overall best ranking.


Roberts Wesleyan College


Located in North Chili, NY and established in 1866, Roberts Wesleyan College (RWC) is the first educational institution that was established for Free Methodists in North America. RWC continues to carry on the Methodist traditions of integrating Christian faith with personal piety and social action that the denomination’s founder, John Wesley, embodied. The school’s admission numbers and academic results earned them a spot in our exceeding expectations ranking. These academic results combined with RWC’s low student-to-faculty ratio and financial aid offerings also earned a top 50 spot in our overall best ranking.


Hillsdale Free Will Baptist College


Hillsdale Free Will Baptist College (HFWBC) is a liberal arts institution that is located in Moore, OK. Academic offerings at HFWBC include undergraduate and graduate degrees. Undergraduates can choose from 9 different Bachelor degree programs with 10 different minors available. Graduate students can select from two Masters degree programs administered through the Randall Graduate School. This appearance marks the school’s debut in our rankings. While HFWBC continues to carry out its primary emphasis to support the ministry and mission of Free Will Baptist around the globe, the popularity of non-ministry degree programs continues to grow along with the growth of the student body.


Hope International University


Hope International University (HIU) was established in 1928 and has its main campus located in the heart of Orange County in Fullerton, CA. The school also has two other campuses in Anaheim, CA and Everett, WA. HIU has already earned two spots in our lowest debt burden and overall best rankings. HIU does a good job balancing its tuition costs and providing enough financial aid opportunities to enable its graduates to enter their vocation with a high quality education without the typical debt burden that accompanies so many other graduates.


Sterling College

Cooper Hall

Established in 1887 by the United Presbyterian Church of North America, Sterling College (SC) is located in Sterling, KS and is debuting in our rankings with this appearance. SC is currently a member of the Association of Presbyterian Colleges and Universities. Faculty and staff at SC work hard to integrate the Christian faith deeply into every aspect of each student’s experience while emphasizing a character of servant-leadership as it sends its graduates out to fulfill God’s calling on each of their lives. SC can claim to offer the nation’s first undergraduate program in social entrepreneurship in addition to its other 22 undergraduate majors. An active campus life and spiritually vibrant campus ministry both work together to further the training and development of each student.


Northwest Nazarene University

NNU students on campus

Northwest Nazarene University (NNU) was established in 1913 and is located in Nampa, ID. In addition to online programs, the university also offers classes in Boise, Twin Falls, Idaho Falls, and in cooperation with programs in 10 countries. NNU is yet another Church of the Nazarene institution that has made its way into this ranking and has previously earned spots in our affordability and overall best rankings. NNU is no stranger to national recognition having also been recognized by the U.S. News and World Report as one of the top masters-level universities in the west and a spot in The Princeton Review’s Book, The Best Western Colleges.


Geneva College


Geneva College (GC) is the only undergraduate institution of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America. This affiliation is a point of distinction for GC as one of the few schools in our list that seek to help students develop a Reformed Christian worldview. GC was established in 1848 and is located in Beaver Falls, PA. GC has already been ranked in our exceeding expectations and overall best rankings. GC has a growing reputation of producing some of the nation’s most sought after graduates which is attested to by the fact that within six months of their graduation, nearly 90% of the 2013 graduating class were working or in graduate school.


Asbury University


Located 20 miles southwest of Lexington, KY in Wilmore, KY, Asbury University (AU) has been equipping men and women in the Wesleyan-Holiness tradition to engage in academic excellence and spiritual vitality since 1890. AU was recently named in the top 5 of our exceeding expectations ranking, which sought to highlight schools that excelled in enhancing the achievement of their enrolled students. The school was also named in the top 20 of our overall best ranking and made a third appearance in our affordability ranking. AU’s performance in retaining their enrolled students in combination with its higher than average graduation rate and affordability has earned the school a fourth appearance in our current ranking.


Anderson University - SC


Recognition abounds for this private liberal arts institution located in Anderson, SC. Anderson University (AU) was established in 1911 and has become a leader in Christian liberal arts education in the South and ranks on a national level for the South region as reported by U.S. News and World Report. AU has also received national recognition for its value and ability to produce graduates with a very low amount of debt. They ranked in the top 20 of our lowest debt ranking and also appear in our affordability ranking. AU excels at making the most of its tuition dollars and continues to produce very sought after graduates that don’t have to carry the debt burden that students of other institutions find themselves carrying.


Pepperdine University


Overlooking the beautiful Malibu, CA coastline, Pepperdine University definitely has a strong advantage for students looking to enjoy the view while earning a top-ranked liberal arts education. However, Pepperdine has proven itself to be much more than simply a beautiful university evidenced by its high national ranking with U.S. News and World Report among a host of other accolades that recognized the powerful combination of quality and value that Pepperdine serves up to its students. Pepperdine was ranked in the top five of our overall best ranking. The university does an amazing job serving up an abundance of financial aid options that reduce actual tuition figures by 60%. The rare combination of a beautiful setting, nationally competitive ranking, and reasonable tuition cost result in this school being named on our best value ranking.


William Jessup University


William Jessup University (WJU) was established in 1939 and is located in Rocklin, CA with an additional campus in San Jose, CA. The school continues to enjoy record breaking growth with record enrollments happening each semester. WJU is a frequent visitor to our rankings with spots in our lowest debt, overall best and affordability rankings. As with most of the schools appearing in this ranking, WJU strikes a balance with scoring high marks in categories such as student-to-faculty ratio, accessibility to financial aid, and retention of enrolled students while keeping their net tuition cost very competitive. As evidenced by the record breaking enrollments, the word is quickly getting out that you get a lot more than you pay for at WJU!


North Park University

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North Park University (NPU) was established in 1891 and is located in Chicago, IL. NPU’s proximity to the diverse city of Chicago gives this institution an advantage that is hard to quantify but is worth mentioning to prospective students. This connection enriches the campus’ resources and brings global opportunities right to the school’s doorstep. In addition to this geographical advantage, NPU has been recognized by the U.S. News and World Report as a regional leader of higher education and has three earlier appearances in our exceeding expectations, overall best and affordability rankings. Prospective students will find that NPU maintains a distinctly Christian atmosphere in the classroom and on campus while fostering a diverse and ecumenical campus environment.


King University


Formerly known as King College, King University (KU) was founded in 1867 and is independently governed with covenant affiliations to the Presbyterian Church (USA) and the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC). KU does a great job serving up a rigorous academic training with outstanding faculty while averaging out a net tuition that is less than half of its actual cost of the tuition and fees. This type of commitment to keeping their cost affordable has already earned KU two spots in our lowest debt and affordability rankings. The strategic plan for the university unveiled in 1998 continues to unfold with the move from a college to a university, beginning to offer doctoral programs the fall of 2014, and plans to continue diversifying study programs offered by the institution. Growth like this while keeping tuition so affordable is definitely worth recognizing.


Simpson University


Situated on a 92-acre campus in Redding, CA, Simpson University (SU) was established in 1921 by the founder of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. The missionary influence of its founder is captured in the university’s logo statement since the 1950s, “Gateway to World Service.” While students at SU are able to enjoy a wide diversity of study programs, the school still maintains a emphasis upon global service regardless of one’s vocation and missionary motivation to take the gospel of Christ to people still living in darkness. An education from SU is one that is affordable, as recognized in our affordability ranking, and produces graduates that are sought after by both employers and graduate schools alike.


Bethel College--IN

Bethel College

Founded in 1947, Bethel College (BC) has set it sites on becoming one of the top five most influential Wesleyan colleges in America by 2022. BC is well on its way to achieving this goal having been ranked in the top 13% of baccalaureate colleges in the nation by U.S. News and World Report and earning a spot in all four of our most recent featured rankings. BC excels when it comes to enhancing the achievement of their students and thus earned a top 10 spot in our exceeding expectations ranking. Their generous admission policy combined with their low student-to-faculty ratio and strong performance when it comes to retaining and graduating enrolled students also earned them a spot in our overall best ranking. Lastly, BC continues to find ways to stretch each tuition dollar to keep their overall cost very affordable and debt burden low for graduating students. These strengths earned spots in both our affordability and lowest debt rankings.


Waynesburg University


Established in 1849 by the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Waynesburg University (WU) is located in Waynesburg, PA with three adult centers in Monroeville, Seven Fields, and Southpointe. WU has been helping students make the connection between faith, learning, and service for over 165 years and continues to grow in its national reputation as a leader in the North region’s higher education institutions. WU also carries the proud distinction of being one of only twenty-one institutions in the country to offer the Bonner Scholars Program that aims to “support anti-poverty programs in the area of hunger and education.” WU will be adding this top 20 ranking to its other three spots in our affordability, exceeding expectations, and lowest debt rankings.


Eastern Nazarene College

Students walking

Established in 1900 and located in Quincy, MA, Eastern Nazarene College (ENC) is located on Boston’s historic south shore. ENC takes great pride in the consistent success it has achieved in getting its graduates into top graduate and medical schools while achieving a perfect score for getting its graduates into law school. This hard work that gets these kind of results is at the heart of ENC being recognized in our overall best ranking. To top things off, ENC achieves these high marks for academic quality while keeping their tuition and fees very affordable as recognized by our affordability ranking. Lastly, the strategic location of ENC in a Boston suburb places the school in one of the world’s greatest hubs of educational, scientific, and cultural activity. Students will find ENC a very rigorous community both academically and spiritually speaking.


Toccoa Falls College


Few, if any, other schools on our ranking can advertise that a waterfall with a 186-foot vertical drop sits on their campus but Toccoa Falls College (TFC) can and then some when it comes to bragging about the natural beauty of their college campus. TFC was established in 1907 and is situated on a stunning 1,100-acre campus bordering the Chattahoochee National Forest in Toccoa, GA. TFC debuted in our rankings by earning a spot in our lowest debt ranking. The focus of all that TFC does, both on and off the campus, inside and outside the classroom, is to prepare their graduates to invest their lives in ministry whether they are in vocational ministry or doing so through their secular employment.


Goshen College


Goshen College (GC) is located in Goshen, IN and was established in 1894. GC continues to climb up the ladder of many nationally recognized ranking groups. In the 2015 U.S. News and World Report “Best Colleges” ranking, GC improved on its 2014 spot and found itself in the top 25% of liberal arts colleges. GC maintains a very low student-to-faculty ratio, abundant financial aid, high selectivity and very strong retention and graduation rates. These strong results resulted in GC being named our no.3 in our overall best ranking and also contributed to a spot in our exceeding expectations ranking. On top of all this quality, GC excels at stretching every tuition dollar they receive and thus providing a very affordable net tuition cost. This affordability and very efficient financial aid team helps each student graduate with as little debt as possible which resulted in another spot in our lowest debt ranking.


Mississippi College


Mississippi College (MC) is the oldest college in Mississippi and the second oldest Baptist-affiliated college in the nation. The college is located in Clinton, MS, where it has been committed to bringing to bear the life and teachings of Jesus to a liberal arts education since 1826. The faculty and staff at MC excel at integrating faith inside and outside the classroom so that graduates are equipped to bring that same level of integration to their vocation of choice. MC has already been named in 3 of our 4 most recent featured rankings. They earned top 10 spots in our lowest debt and affordability rankings while being named in the top 20 of our exceeding expectations ranking. Students choosing this school will enjoy and reap the benefits of a rich and aged tradition of academic excellence and Christ-centered worldview.


John Brown University

JBU_Class 2

Few schools on this list have made appearances in all four of our most recent featured rankings, and John Brown University (JBU) is one of the few. JBU is also one of the few schools on our list that can say they are situated on the original 200-acre spot where they have always been, which is located in Siloam Springs, AR of Northwest Arkansas. JBU excels at bringing together affordability and a strong financial aid package in order to be named the runner up in our lowest debt ranking and a spot as well in our affordability ranking. Top 50 ranking positions were also awarded in our overall best and exceeding expectations rankings. JBU has been recognized by U.S. News and World Report as a regional school that is up and coming and the frequency of their rankings with us definitely supports this recognition.


Hannibal-LaGrange University


Founded in 1858 in LaGrange, MO, Hannibal-LaGrange University (HLGU) is now located in Hannibal, MO. HLGU is affiliated with the Missouri Baptist Convention of the larger Southern Baptist Convention and affirms the Baptist Faith and Message as an institution. The school debuted in our rankings by earning the no.10 spot in our affordability ranking. In addition to being one of the most competitively priced schools on our list, HLGU has a very low student-to-faculty ratio and a strong performance in the categories of selectivity, retention and graduation. Strong ties to the mission boards of the Southern Baptist Convention give students ample opportunity to participate in local and global missions.


Milligan College

Derthick Hall

Established in 1866, Milligan College (MC) is situated in beautiful Northeast TN in the dynamic Tri-Cities region which is made up of Bristol, Johnson City, and Kingsport, TN. MC is consistently recognized on the national level for being a leader in the liberal arts realm of higher education. The school is also no stranger to our rankings already having spots in our lowest debt ranking, the exceeding expectations ranking, and finally the affordability ranking. MC has a nationally recognized liberal arts program with a twist that is a unique interdisciplinary “Humanities Program”. The quality delivered through this unique approach combined with one of the best buys in the nation, makes it no surprise that MC is just one spot shy of the top 10 of our best value ranking.


Spring Arbor University


Spring Arbor University (SAU) was established in 1873 and bears the proud distinction of being the second largest Evangelical Christian University in the state of Michigan. SAU’s main campus is located in Spring Arbor, MI but it has 18 other locations for on-site instruction throughout Michigan and in Ohio. In addition to earning this ranking, SAU has well deserved spots in our affordability, overall best, and our exceeding expectations rankings. SAU continues to expand its already more than 90 undergraduate and graduate areas of study while attracting more and more students with enrollment figures already in excess of 4,000.


Warner University


Established in 1968 and situated on 360-acre campus in Lake Wales, FL, Warner University (WU) brings a strong committment to diversity and advancing the growth of its student body, academic offerings and campus facilities. WU debuted in our rankings by coming up one spot shy of the top 10 most affordable and earned a respectable position in our exceeding expectations ranking as well. Strong averages in our quality categories and a very affordable net tuition has enabled them to break into the top 10 of this ranking.


Grace College & Seminary


Located in the historic resort town of Winona Lake, near Warsaw, IN, Grace College and Seminary (GCS) was established in 1948. GCS has already found a spot in our exceeding expectations ranking through its combination of a high acceptance and retention rate. Grace’s affordability and abundance of financial aid options coupled with its strengths of admissions and retention has earned the school this high ranking position. Students at GCS also have some unique program options to consider that both strive to further reduce education cost and reduce the risk of post-graduation employment or graduate school placement. The first program is the 3-year accelerated degree program offered that can reduce education cost by 25% and the second is the “Grace Placement Promise” that offers qualifying students who do not find employment or graduate school placement within 6 months of their graduation an additional year of undergraduate education tuition-free!


Oklahoma Baptist University

OBU 2 - Welcome Week Oval

Founded in 1910 by the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Baptist University (OBU) is no stranger to national attention for its academic excellence and financial affordability. OBU has been the top rated regional college in U.S. News and World Report’s best college rankings for the past 18 years in the state of Oklahoma and one of the top 10 regional colleges in the West for the past 23 years. The main campus is situated on 200-acres in Shawnee, OK. OBU has earned a top ten spot in our lowest debt burden ranking and spots in our overall best and most affordable rankings. OBU is proud to have more alumni serving as missionaries with the Southern Baptist’s International Mission Board than any other college in the world.


Virginia University of Lynchburg


Established in 1886, Virginia University of Lynchburg (VUL) is Lynchburg’s oldest school of higher education and continues to carry out the original mission of its African American Baptist leaders training and educating a very diverse student body many who may not have the chance to attend larger traditional universities. This marks VUL’s debut in our rankings and they do so with a bang coming in within the top 10. Students can choose from 5 bachelor degrees, 2 options at the Masters level and a Doctor of Ministry degree. In addition to these degree opportunities, in 2010 VUL and Liberty University entered into an agreement that helps students seeking degrees not offered at VUL to complete their degrees at Liberty. With its combination of a low student-to-faculty ratio, open admission policy and strong retention and graduation rates all at a very affordable price, VUL stands tall among Christ-centered institutions.


Fresno Pacific University

IMG_1945 bell

With three top ten appearances in our rankings (lowest debt, exceeding expectations & affordability), Fresno Pacific University (FPU) continues to rack up national accolades. FPU was established in 1944 and has a 50-acre campus in Fresno, CA and four regional centers throughout CA. FPU takes pride not only in its growing academic reputation but also in its top 10 ranking position as a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) as reported by The Chronicle of Higher Education. One of FPU’s claim to fame is its graduation guarantee that it began offering in 2009. FPU already boasts the highest graduation rate in the Central Valley but has taken it to another level with this unique program that helps traditional undergraduates earn their degree within four years.


North Greenville University

IMG_0090 (2)

Established in 1891, North Greenville University (NGU) has a long standing affiliation with the Southern Baptist Convention. The school is located in Tigerville, SC, a small community situated at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. NGU excels across the board and thus has earned a spot in half of our rankings that we have produced and each of those have been top 10 spots. NGU’s top spot ties with this ranking’s position and also has earned spots in our lowest debt, affordability, and exceeding expectations rankings. A high quality and extremely affordable education is what you can expect at this growing institution.


Bryan College


Bryan College (BC) was established in 1930 and sits on a 128-acre hilltop in Dayton, TN with additional campuses in Knoxville and Chattanooga and multiple satellite campuses. BC is no stranger to our rankings with its highest prior ranking being in the top 10 of our affordability ranking. BC has also earned spots in our overall best and lowest debt rankings. BC brings strong results to the table when considering our overall best categories such as percentage of full-time beginning undergraduates receiving financial aid, overall retention rate and a healthy overall graduation rate. The selectivity of the BC admission process earned them the most points and served to push them over the top in earning them their highest ranking to date.


Emmanuel College

EC 2

Founded in 1919 by the International Pentecostal Holiness Church, Emmanuel College (EC) is located in Franklin Springs, GA. EC can also be found sitting in the top spot of our exceeding expectations ranking in addition to earning spots in both our overall best and lowest debt burden rankings. EC brings an excellent student-to-faculty ratio combined with a perfect mark of full-time beginning undergraduates receiving grant or scholarship aid. These marks combined with a very low net price have earned EC the runner up position when looking for value and quality.


College of the Ozarks


College of the Ozarks (COFO), better known as “Hard Work U” has become one of our most frequently ranked institutions and more often than not finds itself at the top. COFO earned top honors in our overall best ranking and ranked near the top in our affordability ranking and thus it comes with no surprise that it is sitting at the top of this current ranking highlighting best value. COFO was founded in 1906 and is located on a beautiful 1,000 acre campus overlooking Lake Taneycomo at Point Lookout, MO. Each and every student accepted at COFO has the unique opportunity to graduate 100% debt-free. COFO’s work education program that helps defray education costs is at the heart of this rare opportunity for students. In this program, every full-time student works a campus job that has the potential to be closely related to a student’s chosen field of study. This extreme affordability combined with a very selective acceptance rate, and an excellent retention rate has earned COFO the proud distinction of the best value among its Christian college and university peers.

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