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The Purpose of The Best Christian College Ranking

The Best Christian College ranking produced by Christian Universities Online (CUO) is designed to assist students and their families in selecting a school that meets specific criteria – the primary element being that they are a Christian college or university.  Even with that initial sort, the choices can still be overwhelming as the list of intentionally Christian […]

50 Best Value Christian Online MBA Programs 2015

In our last featured ranking of the 50 Best Value Christian MBA Programs we began by highlighting the financial value of a MBA education. Today’s MBA graduates not only enjoy financial rewards but are highly sought after by employers seeking new hires. Those same benefits are offered to students seeking their MBA degree while doing […]

50 Best Value Christian MBA Programs 2015

50 Best Value Christian MBA Programs 2015

The value of an MBA education continues to be strong as ever. Full-time MBA graduates typically see an increase in their salary when compared to their earnings before starting business school. Employers continue to target MBA graduates when seeking new hires. The institutions in our ranking not only position their graduates for a significant increase […]

50 Christian Colleges with the Lowest Debt Burden

50 Christian Colleges with the Lowest Debt Burden

This list attempts to present a ranking of Christian colleges and universities whose class of 2013 graduated with the lightest debt burden. We hope that this information will be helpful to parents and students who are seeking to make the most informed decision possible when choosing a Christian institution of higher education. With this ranking, […]

Top 25 Christian Counseling Blogs of 2014

The collection of blogs below represents a small slice of the Christian counseling world.  This list attempts to provide a sampling of the differing approaches to the practice of counseling within the Christian community.  Our intent is to provide a resource for Christian counselors for both their personal and professional edification. The quality of the content […]

The 50 Most Beautiful Christian College & University Campuses in the World

The 50 Most Beautiful Christian College & University Campuses in the World

Many universities and colleges across the globe provide both high-quality education and a thorough devotion to Christian principles. However, some institutions associated with the teachings of Jesus excel not only academically and spiritually, but also aesthetically – boasting some of the loveliest looking campuses anywhere on Earth. Whether because of their lush green spaces, breathtaking […]

Editor’s Choice: Online Christian Leadership and Management Degrees

Our editors have selected what they consider to be the most reputable, accredited online colleges offering Christian leadership degrees. This is not a ranking of online Christian leadership and management programs, but a curated list of the best Christian universities offering what we consider the top online Christian leadership degrees. If you’d like to nominate […]

Top 10 TED Talks on Religion

This series of TED Talks introduces the ideas of the ten most popular speaker on the TED circuit in the realm of religion. You may not agree with all, or any of them, but you will certainly find something thoughtful and provocative to inspire and/or challenge your faith. 1. Matthieu Ricard – On the Habits […]

Why Attend a Christian College or University?

Making the decision to attend college is momentous. While making a decision about what college to attend can be exciting, it can also fill many students with trepidation. Knowing that the place you choose will be formative in your life for at least four years makes you want to choose wisely and well. There are […]

Christian Colleges With Online Degree Programs in Ohio

Individuals who are looking for accredited Christian online colleges in Ohio will have a wide range of truly superb options to choose from. Many of the available schools are dedicated to serving their local communities through Christ. Ohio students who are interested in excellent online programs should strongly consider the following options. Christian Online Colleges […]