Career Options for Bible College Graduates

If I attend a Bible College will I be limited in my career choices?  What types of job opportunities will my Bible studies degree open up?  Are pastors the only people who benefit from attending a Bible College?

If you are considering pursing your degree at a Bible College, these and other questions have probably crossed your mind. As you ponder your options, consider the possibilities that a Bible-related degree program has to offer.  A good start would be to review our ranking of the top Bible colleges.

Am I Limited to Church-Related Ministry?

For many, the vocation of a clergy-member leaps to mind as the number one choice for Bible College graduates. Indeed, while a ministry-related career is by no means the only path a Bible College graduate may pursue, it remains a popular choice. However, even within the realms of Christian ministry, there are a myriad of options– serving as the pastor of a church is only the tip of the iceberg. Other ministry related vocation choices include the role of chaplain, either at a college, in the military, in hospitals, or prisons. Work-place chaplaincy is also a field that has grown in the last few years as many larger companies hire chaplains to provide counsel and encouragement for employees.

Students who are interested in direct ministry can also specialize in reaching certain demographics or missions. This can include serving as a youth pastor, reaching children and teenagers, or being a Missionary either internationally or in America’s inner cities.

What About Teaching Opportunities?

Education is another popular career choice among Bible College graduates. Teachers will always be needed and many Bible Colleges offer programs specific to teacher education. Educational career choices include:

  • Child Care Worker
  • Grades K-12
  • College Professor
  • Private Tutor

A larger church may also hire teachers who can lead in Sunday schools and Bible studies, teach new member classes, direct Summer Bible camp and more.

What about Counseling & Social Services Opportunities?

The area of counseling and social services is another excellent choice for individuals who have attended Bible College. Similar to the field of education, many Bible Colleges offer programs specific to the area of counseling. Specific career options include:

  • Family & Child Social Worker
  • Public Health Counselor
  • Therapist
  • Guidance Counselor
  • Vocational Counselor
  • Probation Officer

Anything else? Should I be “Thinking Outside the Box”?

When considering a career which will utilize your Bible College degree, don’t be afraid to consider possibilities beyond the traditional. Other career opportunities include:

  • Executive Director of a Ministry
  • Volunteer Recruiter
  • Fund Raising Specialist
  • Bible Translator
  • Writer/Reporter

A Wealth of Opportunities

When it comes down to it, while certain career paths may be more obvious than others, Bible College graduates need not feel limited in their employment options. Bible Colleges are filled with individuals from all walks of life – many choose to attend because they plan to pursue ministry and a Biblical Studies program will apply directly to this. Others value the opportunity to study Scripture more extensively and will use this education as a foundation which they can build on. To facilitate your research of Bible college education, we have put together a list of the best Bible colleges, Whatever your reason is for pursuing a Bible College education, be encouraged by the possibilities your degree offers as you carefully consider your career options.