50 Christian Colleges with the Lowest Debt Burden

50 Christian Colleges with the Lowest Debt Burden

This list attempts to present a ranking of Christian colleges and universities whose class of 2013 graduated with the lightest debt burden. We hope that this information will be helpful to parents and students who are seeking to make the most informed decision possible when choosing a Christian institution of higher education. With this ranking, we want to highlight schools that are excelling in keeping the debt burden of their graduates as low as possible because we understand the long term impact that excessive student loan debt has on today’s graduate.

The ranking was built using publicly available data from U.S. News & World Report. Two data points were considered from this source and were equally weighted: the average total indebtedness of the 2013 graduating class and the percent of graduating students who borrowed. The “average total indebtedness” is the average total amount borrowed by this graduating class, not all students. Institutional loans, financial institutions, and loans from federal, state, and local governments were considered. Parental loans were not factored into this average. The colleges and universities on this list had to be accredited by the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS) or a member/affiliate of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU). In the event of a tie, the schools were listed alphabetically and given the same numerical ranking.


College of the Ozarks

College of the Ozarks (COFO) is situated on a sprawling 1,000 acre campus at Point Lookout, MO. “Hard Work U” once again proving that hard work does pay off, and this time it pays off when graduating it’s students with a remarkably light debt burden compared to most of their peers. COFO earns it’s nickname, “Hard Work U”, through its compulsory Work Education Program in which all students work campus job to offset the cost their education. The school actually guarantees to meet the entire cost of the education of each student that completes the Work Education Program. COFO leads by example by carrying no institutional debt and does not participate in any federal, state or private loan program.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $12,073
Average Amount of Aid Received: $19,721
Average Total Indebtedness: $6,424
Percent Who Borrowed: 13%


John Brown University

John Brown University (JBU) is located in Siloam Spring, AR and has regional centers across the state. Students at JBU enjoy the benefit of a healthy donor base that subsidizes each student’s tuition and helps keep average tuition prices very competitive. JBU is recognized by other national rankings, such as U.S. News & World Report and Forbes, for its exceptional value and excellent academic reputation. Undergraduates have 40 majors and 47 minors to choose from while graduate students have 10 degree programs.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $17,552
Average Amount of Aid Received: $24,536
Average Total Indebtedness: $21,391
Percent Who Borrowed: 58%


Williams Baptist College

Established in 1941 and located in Walnut Ridge, AR, Williams Baptist College (WBC) is a liberal arts institution affiliated with the Arkansas State Baptist Association and the Southern Baptist Convention. WBC is well known for its low student-to-teacher ratio giving students lots of personal attention from the excellent faculty leading the schools academic programs. Students have over 25 majors and pre-professional programs to choose from and can be confident they will be well-equipped regardless what area of study they select. WBC’s 200 acre campus fosters a love for the outdoor experiences available in the rural community of Walnut Ridge and encourages one the school’s vision to produce students who are good stewards of both their health and God’s beautiful creation. Graduates from this respected institution are trained and equipped to engage local and global cultures through a Christ-centered worldview. Once engaged, they are also prepared to reflect critically on their observations in these cultures and to problem solve through critical thinking and analysis.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $11,400
Average Amount of Aid Received: $20,295
Average Total Indebtedness: $20,220
Percent Who Borrowed: 67.20%


Covenant College

Established in 1955 and situated on Lookout Mountain, GA, Covenant College (CC) serves up a liberal arts education to its students from a theologically Reformed perspective. This institution is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church in America. Exploring and expressing the preeminence of Christ is at heart of all that CC faculty, staff and students endeavors to accomplish. There are over 28 undergraduate and pre-professional programs offered and 2 graduate programs. Each of these programs are designed to help students faithfully steward the gifts that God has given to them and to further develop these gifts. Academic work at CC is driven by the desire to equip students to master their area of study while challenging them to imagine and apply new methods and solutions within these disciplines. This entire process happens alongside the world-class faculty who share a Reformed worldview and put great value on Christ-centered in all of life and learning

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $21,500
Average Amount of Aid Received: $25,731
Average Total Indebtedness: $22,790
Percent Who Borrowed: 65%


North Greenville University

North Greenville University (NGU) is an institution that puts Christ front and center in all that they do. NGU is was founded in 1891 and is located in Tigerville, South Carolina. Affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention and a Christian institution before anything else, NGU trains its students in the liberal arts tradition while providing over 30 areas of undergraduate study through its 8 colleges, 5 master’s degree programs and doctoral program in Ministry. The pursuit of academic excellence is simply part of being a mature Christian in the belief and practice of staff and faculty at NGU who walk alongside students in many ways as committed Christians. The academic programs at NGU are not the only areas that mature Christian living is paramount. Students are called to conformity with the school’s standards and regulations and clearly state one’s attendance at NGU is a privleege and not a right. Campus life at NGU gives each and every student ample opportunities to build a solid foundation socially, professionally and spiritually. These opportunities foster a strong sense of community that graduates draw on for the rest of their lives.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $14,954
Average Amount of Aid Received: $23,449
Average Total Indebtedness: $15,000
Percent Who Borrowed: 70%


Wheaton College

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Wheaton College (WC) is a nationally rated liberal arts education that was founded in 1860 and is located 25 miles West of Chicago in Wheaton, IL. This national recognition has attracted students from all over the world and from a wide-variety of church denominations. Faculty and staff at WC are deeply committed to the intrinsic value of a liberal arts education motivated by the belief that this philosophy equips the whole person for any vocation field they will enter. Undergraduates have over 40 degree options while graduates can select from 14 areas of study. WC is also committed to residential learning, which is evidenced by the more than 85% of enrolled students who live on campus. This second commitment is driven by the belief that the community in which one is being educated has just as much impact on the quality of the graduates as does the classroom training. Other valuable assets graduates from WC have to offer include but are not limited to the following: highly marketable skills, superior academic credentials, strong foundation in moral virtue, breadth of preparation, career development and networking opportunities, and whole person development. The potent combination of WC’s academic excellence and vibrant community life continues to push this institution to the top of many national rankings across a variety of categories.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $25,625
Average Amount of Aid Received: $27,010
Average Total Indebtedness: $25,487
Percent Who Borrowed: 55%


The Master's College & Seminary

The Master’s College and Seminary (MCS) is best known for its current president, John F. MacArthur. The same intensity and accuracy that MacArthur brings to the preaching ministry of his church can be experienced through the academic programs and campus life offered at MCS. MCS is currently affiliated with the non-denominational evangelical Christian church. Students attending this institution are trained and educated for a life of lasting fidelity to Christ, biblical faithfulness, moral integrity, intellectual growth, and an enduring contribution to God’s kingdom. Built upon a liberal arts tradition, students enjoy a wide variety of degree programs to choose from among the 13 majors and 58 areas of study. The school offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees. National recognition and awards continue to be awarded from a variety of organizations. Graduates from this institution can be confident that their degree will reap respect and vocational opportunities. The college not only prides itself in the quality of the education they provide to their students but also excel on national level in the amount of time it takes their students to complete their degree programs.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $26,451
Average Amount of Aid Received: $26,675
Average Total Indebtedness: $18,961
Percent Who Borrowed: 71%


Taylor University

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Taylor University (TU) is not only recognized as the oldest evangelical Christian college in the American but has also earned regional recognition for being one of the top ranked Midwest Regional Colleges by U.S. News & World Report. TU is located in Upland, IN and is a non-denominational Christian university that was established in 1846. Taylor is committed to the following purposes: 1) Whole person focus, 2) Biblically anchored and liberally arts grounded, 3) Christ-centered, 4) Integration of faith and learning, 5) World engaging, and 6) Servant leader motivated. These purposes are lived out and applied in every aspect of a student’s academic and campus life. TU gives students a lot of choice when it comes to their degree program by offering 115 undergraduate degree programs to choose from. TU currently offers a graduate degree in Higher Education and Student Development. In addition to these programs, international study programs and internships are offered to provide the hands on experience that will truly put what they are learning in the classroom to the test. One’s faith and learning is equally integrated outside of the classroom into the experience of each Taylor Student. The student life experience is knitted together through the Life Together Covenant that clearly sets out the expectations that all students will fulfill as a common mission. Students at TU study together, worship together, serve together and live in community together.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $25,126
Average Amount of Aid Received: $23,942
Average Total Indebtedness: $26,367
Percent Who Borrowed: 60%


Union University

With its main campus in Jackson, TN and additional campuses in Germantown, TN and Hendersonville, TN, Union University (UU) continues to expand its reach and grow its reputation of excellence in providing a liberal arts education that is Christ-centered. UU was established in 1823 and is the oldest institution affiliated with the Southern Baptist denomination. Students attending Union can be confident they are receiving a world-class education and will be well equipped for whatever challenges they will face. UU’s academic programs are directed through 8 different schools with over 100 undergraduate areas of study and 13 graduate degrees with 4 of those at the doctoral level. The number of student activities rival the degree choices at Union with more than 50 major student-produced music and theater events every year, 60 campus groups, multiple student produced print and television programs. UU is an institution that strives to equip its students to live lives consistent with their core values of being excellence driven, Christ-centered, people focused, and future-directed.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $21,944
Average Amount of Aid Received: $26,678
Average Total Indebtedness: $26,656
Percent Who Borrowed: 56.20%


Oklahoma Baptist University

Oklahoma Baptist University (OBU) is located in Shawnee, OK on a 200 acre campus and is affiliated with the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma. OBU is no stranger to accolades as it has been ranked by multiple third party groups as one of the best baccalaureate colleges in the nation. In addition to this national recognition, OBU is king of the regional colleges in the state of Oklahoma. OBU’s national recognition is owed in part to its world class faculty and challenging academic programs. Undergraduates can choose from 10 degrees in 86 areas of study. Graduate students have three degree choices in the fields of business administration, nursing, and marriage and family therapy. Outside the classroom, OBU’s campus ministry pervades every facet of campus life through discipleship, worship, and ministry activities. The fruit of this ministry can be evidenced in part by the fact that OBU leads the world in colleges that have the largest number of alumni serving as missionaries with the Southern Baptist International Mission Board. Student life isn’t summed up by ministry only but students at OBU play just as hard as they work. There are over 110 student organizations and 20 intramural sports to choose from as students strive to balance their time at this very active institution.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $16,617
Average Amount of Aid Received: $23,278
Average Total Indebtedness: $26,557
Percent Who Borrowed: 61.80%


Mississippi College

Founded in 1826 and located in Clinton, MS, Mississippi College (MC) comes in second as the oldest Baptist affiliated college and ranks first as the oldest college in the state of Mississippi. MC also bears the distinction as the largest private university in the state of MS with just under 5,000 students. MC is not only recognized for its age and size but also its academic excellence and thriving student life. Undergraduates enjoy over 80 areas of study all built upon the liberal arts foundation. Graduate students have 16 degrees to choose from plus doctorates in jurisprudence, educational leadership, and professional counseling. These academic programs and MC’s student life are built around the following values: 1) fidelity, 2) integrity, 3) inquiry and knowledge, 4) service, 5) respect, 6) excellence, and 7)stewardship. Fidelity in relationship to the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Integrity to live consistently with Christ-like character. Inquiry and knowledge in the pursuit of truth. Service that stewards our talents for the well-being of our community in way that promotes Christian values. Respect that builds community and ultimately transforms lives. Excellence to produce the highest quality work. Stewardship that recognizes our talents are gifts to be utilized. These values are also central to the social life at MC which can be best experienced through men’s service clubs and women’s social tribes.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $15,712
Average Amount of Aid Received: $20,339
Average Total Indebtedness: $27,625
Percent Who Borrowed: 57.30%


Fresno Pacific University

Fresno Pacific University (FPU) hosts its main campus in the city of Fresno, CA and maintains four regional campuses in Central California. FPU was founded in 1944 by the Pacific District Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches. Critical thinking, academic excellence, and ethical living are at the core of the FPU experience whether you are beginning your undergraduate studies, furthering your graduate studies or balancing work and a degree completion program. Regardless of your degree level or stage in life, graduates of FPU can be certain their time spent at this institution will translate in jobs, success in professional programs and overall respect among vocational peers. FPU offers undergraduates 27 majors and more than 60 areas of study. Graduate students have more than 25 degree programs to consider. The FPU experience is much more than a degree and classes. The staff and faculty at FPU are equally committed to providing students information and activities to help develop each student holistically with the goal of helping them succeed in today’s job market and to play a vital role in society and the Kingdom of God.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $15,742
Average Amount of Aid Received: $27,708
Average Total Indebtedness: $21,992
Percent Who Borrowed: 75%


Goshen College

Situated on 135 acres in Goshen, IN, Goshen College (GC) is a was established in 1894 and has stayed true to its Mennonite roots from day number one. The GC environment is distinctively Mennonite but welcomes students from all backgrounds and traditions. Integration is the heart of everything GC does in educational, social, and professional arenas. Education at GC is viewed as a moral activity that should have at its goal to produce servant-leaders for the church and the world. Five core values should give any prospective student a clear picture of the priorities of this institution. GC values a life that is Christ-centered. A life of passionate learning is the second value emphasized at GC. A life of servant leadership, compassionate peacemaking, and global citizenship rounds out the last three of the five core values of this institution. These core values are fleshed out in the classroom through the “Goshen Core” which aims to prepare every graduate to investigate complex problems with a multi-disciplinarian approach and then specializes into a combination of the 37 majors, minors and concentrations available at GC. In addition to these undergraduate opportunities, GC offers four graduate degrees as well as a variety of adult completion programs. The student life at GC is well known for its services opportunities none more than the Study-Service Term (SST) in which students work and study in another country for three months. The SST serves as a great example of the holistic approach to the preparation of their students.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $19,773
Average Amount of Aid Received: $27,342
Average Total Indebtedness: $26,586
Percent Who Borrowed: 69%


Whitworth University

Founded in 1890, Whitworth University (WU) is located in Spokane, WA and is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church. WU has strived for over 120 years to educate and shape both the minds and hearts of its students. WU’s academic programs are characterized by nationally recognized excellence and a strong integration of faith and learning. WU’s academic programs offer students over 60 undergraduate and graduate degree choices. In addition to these programs, students can engage in research, internships, practicums, study abroad programs, and service opportunities that will give them a well rounded preparation for the career of their choosing. Each graduates preparation is furthered by WU’s “mind and heart” approach to education that happens inside and outside of the classroom. Graduates of WU will be equipped to excel and to exert significant influence upon their professions while living boldly in a world that is going challenge their deepest held beliefs and values. This “mind and heart” philosophy spills over into WU’s other side of each student’s education with mentoring relationships, exciting and challenging student organizations, ministries, and service opportunities.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $25,750
Average Amount of Aid Received: $29,707
Average Total Indebtedness: $24,465
Percent Who Borrowed: 73%


Lipscomb University

Founded by two individuals that believed a truly educated individual had to give time to spiritual growth as well as academics, Lipscomb University (LU) has remain grounded to this belief and puts it into practice each and every day. LU was founded in 1891 and is located in Nashville, TN. Student enrollment has grown to over 4,500 students that are able to choose from 78 majors at the undergraduate level. The academic programs at LU also include multiple pre-professional programs, evening and online adult degree programs, 25 master’s degrees, 4 education specialist degrees, and 3 doctorate degrees in 58 fields of study. The founders of LU also believed the mark of success of faith-based education was when that graduate knew how to put the education to the highest and best use. Thus, a LU education trains the intellect, stirs the heart and soul, and finally develops your skills and direction. This entire educational philosophy is upheld by the five pillars of LU, which are faith, community, knowledge, innovation, and service.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $22,243
Average Amount of Aid Received: $28,439
Average Total Indebtedness: $28,356
Percent Who Borrowed: 60%


Milligan College

Community, faith and scholarship sum up the basic elements of the Milligan College (MC) experience. MC is located in northeast TN in the town of Milligan College, TN in close proximity to the Tri-Cities region of the state. MC is situated on a beautiful 181 acre campus and has earned the reputation as one of the premier liberal arts schools in the nation. For nearly 150 years, MC has been committed to a Christ-centered education that attracts students from all over the world. MC offers more than 100 majors, minors, pre-professional degrees, and concentrations in very broad range of specialities. Graduate degrees are also offered in 4 areas of study along with 4 areas of study for adult degree completion students. MC students are encouraged to see God at work in all subjects. The unique Humanities program at MC seeks to answer the following questions over the span of four semesters. First, “what does it mean to be fully human?” Second, “Who is God and how does a person know God?” Third, “What responsibilities do we, as both part of creation and stewards of it, have to rest of the created order?” Fourth, “How does one relate to one’s fellow human beings?” Fifth, “How does one answer life’s inescapable questions – of love, hate, belonging, vocation, meaning, death?” These seminal questions don’t produce graduates that have it all figured out but can provide critical tools to each student not only to make a living but to find purpose and meaning while doing so.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $17,371
Average Amount of Aid Received: $28,697
Average Total Indebtedness: $25,256
Percent Who Borrowed: 73%


Anderson University, SC

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Anderson University (AU) is located in Anderson, SC and is affiliated with the South Carolina Baptist Convention. AU was established in 1911 and has grown to be recognized as one of the best regional colleges in the South. AU’s nine colleges and schools offer 36 majors, 38 concentrations, and 25 minors. Graduate programs are also available in 7 graduate degree programs and one doctoral program, the Doctor of Ministry. In addition to these traditional on-campus programs, AU also offers a host of online programs and courses. Academic rigor is balanced with professors who value God’s place in your life and future and strive to provide the best education you can get while keeping Christ and his values center stage no matter what the discipline. The following values shape the daily actions of faculty, staff and students at AU and provide good food for thought for any student considering AU as their choice. AU places value on commitments to a Christian community, liberal arts, the individual, students, a diverse student body, continuous quality improvement, the future, and servant leadership.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $18,205
Average Amount of Aid Received: $25,884
Average Total Indebtedness: $27,711
Percent Who Borrowed: 68%


Dallas Baptist University

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Originally founded as Decatur Baptist College in 1892, Dallas Baptist University (DBU) has its main campus in Dallas, TX and has stayed close to its roots and Baptist heritage. The university is situated on 292 acres on the hills of southwest Dallas overlooking Mountain Creek Lake. DBU serves up 69 undergraduate programs, 24 master’s programs, 49 dual master’s degree programs, 2 doctoral programs, and 32 accelerated bachelor’s and master’s degree programs to its student body of 5,422 students. The student-to-faculty ratio is surprisingly low for an enrollment of this size and the average class size is 13. These numbers translate into lots of opportunity for students to enter into almost mentoring type relationships with the world class faculty at DBU. The end goal of these academic programs and campus life at DBU is to produce Christ-centered servant leaders. Campus life at DBU works alongside the academic programs to achieve this goal through relevant student services, vibrant campus ministries, and student organizations that inform and equip graduates to be the next generation of Christ-centered leaders both in the church and world.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $21,724
Average Amount of Aid Received: $21,116
Average Total Indebtedness: $19,699
Percent Who Borrowed: 78%


Oklahoma Christian University

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Oklahoma Christian University (OCU) was established in 1950 and is affiliated with the Church of Christ. OCU is located in Oklahoma City, OK and is situated on a 240 acre campus and provides a small town feel through its close knit community while being within minutes of the bustling city of Oklahoma City. This proximity to such a large urban center gives students an edge over their rural counterparts when it comes to internships, employment and other hands on experiences within their disciplines of study. The commitment of faculty to students takes them beyond the classroom to being side-by-side in chapel services, campus activities and venues, and many hours of one-on-one discipling made possible by their open office doors. Undergraduates have 18 degree programs in addition to honors programs, a pre-medical program and a study abroad program. Graduates have 6 degree programs they can select from and each of these along with the undergraduate programs will equip graduates with the tools they need to live lives of meaning, purpose and ultimately to find your life’s calling. The student life at OCU brings it all together through chapel services, praise and worship services, ministry opportunities, social service clubs, and intramural activities. This is by no mean an exhaustive list of the OCU student life offerings but gives potential students a taste of how much opportunity exists at this amazing institution.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $19,124
Average Amount of Aid Received: $23,256
Average Total Indebtedness: $26,911
Percent Who Borrowed: 71%


Seattle Pacific University

Seattle Pacific University (SPU) is another institution on our list that brings the strengths of a school that is in close proximity to a major urban center and the advantages that come with that type of geographic location. SPU is affiliated with the Free Methodist Church and is located on the north slope of Queen Anne Hill in Seattle, WA just 10 minutes from the heart of downtown. An abundance of hands on learning experiences await SPU’s students that venture out in the neighboring communities through internships, research and ministry opportunities. The school’s location also provides unparalleled recreational opportunities that will help students balance the pressure of the rigorous academic programs that are grounded on the gospel of Jesus Christ. The undergraduate level has 62 majors, 55 minors, 40 areas of concentration. The graduate programs have 20 degree options, 30 concentrations, 5 doctoral programs and 14 graduate certificates. Student life at SPU is made up of a healthy balance of service, ministry, and personal and professional development opportunities that all come together to graduate people of competence, character, wisdom, grace-filled lives.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $25,990
Average Amount of Aid Received: $29,200
Average Total Indebtedness: $26,905
Percent Who Borrowed: 72%


Cedarville University

Cedarville University (CU) was established in 1887 and continues to provide students with a Christ-centered liberal arts education. The campus is located in Cedarville, OH in the southwest portion of the state. In 1953 CU made the transition from its affiliation with a Presbyterian denomination to its present day affiliation which is with the Baptist. Even though the denominational affiliation has changed, the core mission of the institution continues to be to provide a Christ-centered and rigorous preparation for its graduates. CU is nationally recognized for the authenticity of its Christian community, intense academic programs and some of the highest student satisfaction ratings to name only a few. Students looking to coast academically or spiritually should not entertain this as one of their choices for the faculty and staff at CU expect and demand 110% both in the classroom and when it comes to spiritual maturity and growth. Graduates of this respected institution are sought after in many vocations and graduate schools due to the professional readiness and depth of Christian integrity brought to bear on each and every endeavor.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $22,648
Average Amount of Aid Received: $21,680
Average Total Indebtedness: $29,390
Percent Who Borrowed: 65%


Houghton College

Situated on a vast residential campus covering 1,300 acres in Houghton, NY, Houghton College (HC) continues to carry on its 130 years of educating its students in the Christian liberal arts and sciences tradition. Undergraduates have 48 fields of study to choose from and a recently added graduate program in the field of music. Students attending this institution get to enjoy the great benefits that come with close proximity to Buffalo (65 miles) and Rochester, NY (70 miles). HC has also expanded their reach by opening up a nonresidential campus in Buffalo, NY. Student life could not be richer with the opportunities offered in the nearby communities of Buffalo and Rochester in addition to the belonging experienced through on-campus activities. Graduates leave HC with lifelong friends and a lifetime home. Lastly, a student’s life at HC is very much intertwined with one’s faith and this is a faith that students incorporate into their daily lives. Issues of faith are explored in classrooms, residence halls, out in the community and on the athletic field.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $20,920
Average Amount of Aid Received: $34,995
Average Total Indebtedness: $27,858
Percent Who Borrowed: 71.50%


Bethel College-Mishawaka

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Bethel College (BC) is located in Mishawaka, IN and was established in 1947. BC is affiliated with the Missionary Church and has more than 25 denominational connections through its students. Academic offerings at this institution are broad in their scope and give enrolling students more than 50 areas of study to choose from. The opportunities for students to grow are not confined only to the academic programs but also come through study abroad programs, internships, short-term missions, local service opportunities to name a few. Graduates of BC continue to raise the bar for future graduates as they enjoy double the national average medical school acceptance rate, 100% job placement in nursing, 99% job placement rate in music education and 100% pass rate on the sign language interpreting national exam. In addition to these achievements, the BC administration has set out the goal of becoming one of the top five most influential Wesleyan colleges in America by 2022. Expectations are high and the atmosphere on this campus can be described as alive and poised for great things both spiritually and academically. Students should expect a very “spirited” community when considering this exciting college.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $18,014
Average Amount of Aid Received: $23,982
Average Total Indebtedness: $25,703
Percent Who Borrowed: 77%


Bluefield College

Bluefield College (BC) is dedicated to being Virginia’s premier Christ-centered liberal arts institution. BC was founded in 1922 and is located in Bluefield, VA nestled in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of southwestern VA. BC’s core values give guidance to every endeavor and provides a good snapshot for inquiring students and parents. The first core value centers on their Christ-centeredness and Baptist identity. The second core value deals with their commitment to academic excellence and life-long learning in the liberal arts tradition. A community life that prizes integrity, mutual respect, support and encouragement sums up the third value. Lastly, compassion that is globally-minded and seeks transformation rounds out this institution’s core values. BC approaches each enrolling student with the desire to help each student explore and find what they are passionate about, whether that is a known passion or a passion that needs to be discovered. The school offers two undergraduate degrees and one graduate degree with a total of 39 academic areas of study. Students at BC are able to enjoy an incredible amount of focused time with their professors due to the very small class sizes and extremely low student-to-faculty ratio. BC also provides abundant opportunities for students to unwind and grow in their relationships with one another through an active campus social calendar, professional development experiences and plenty of room to enjoy the great outdoors and stay in shape.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $19,582
Average Amount of Aid Received: $27,363
Average Total Indebtedness: $21,553
Percent Who Borrowed: 80%


Tabor College

Established in 1908, Tabor College (TC) is a four-year liberal arts institution that is located in Hillsboro, KS. TC is owned and operated by the Mennonite Brethren Church and thus as a college accepts and strives to follow that church’s confession of faith. TC’s core values are: 1) Christ-centered, 2) Learning, 3) Service, 4) Involvement, and 5) Community. All activities at this institution flow out of and are evaluated by how Christ-centered they are. Learning at Tabor is centered on the the 20 different programs offered at its main campus and seeks to develop students who are broadly educated and equipped to face an equally broad spectrum of challenges and problems. The service value is very much in line with the institution’s Mennonite roots that encourages students to care of others in everything they endeavor to do. The values of involvement and community work in conjunction with each other to foster a sense of belonging both prior to and long after their graduation. The student life offered at TC is one that is distinctly Christian and encourages students to be continuously growing deeper in their relationships with each other and with Christ.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $22,091
Average Amount of Aid Received: $24,322
Average Total Indebtedness: $23,720
Percent Who Borrowed: 79%


Toccoa Falls College

Situated on 1,100 acres that borders the Chattahoochee National Forest, Toccoa Falls College (TFC) is home to a 186 foot high waterfall and a never ending number of opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast. Few schools can boast of their almost 200 foot waterfall on campus but that is not the pride of this school. TFC is centered upon Christ and educating men and women that will impact the world with the love and message of Jesus Christ. Character-building, spiritual formation are just a couple of the distinctives highlighted by TFC in setting out its mission as an institution. While residential programs is the primary purpose of TFC, the school also offers distance opportunities to its growing student population. The academic programs at TFC are administered through three schools (School of Christian Ministries, School of Arts and Sciences, and the School of Professional Studies) that offers 26 majors and 36 minors. Lastly, intentional spiritual formation within a safe and caring community is what students should expect at TFC when it comes to student life. The campus life at TFC is one that is made up of opportunities to not only get involved in a number of student organizations but also opportunities to lead, create, discover and be challenged professionally, intellectually, physically, and spiritually.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $16,922
Average Amount of Aid Received: $23,599
Average Total Indebtedness: $23,214
Percent Who Borrowed: 79.60%


Carson-Newman University

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Carson-Newman University (CNU) was established in 1851 as a Baptist Seminary that held its classes in a local Baptist Church. CNU continues to be affiliated with its Baptist roots by maintaining a connection with the Tennessee Baptist Convention. A good summary of this institutions primary emphasis can be found in its five “Steeples of Excellence”. The first steeple is the Appalachian Center that concentrates on academic programs that preserve and continue the unique and fascinating culture of the Great Smoky Mountains region and its people. The second steeple is the Louis and Mary Charlotte Ball Institute for Church Music. The third is the Center for Baptist Studies. The fourth and fifth steeples are respectively the Center for Global Education and the Wellness Center. These five steeples provide a framework for understanding the central elements of CNU’s institutional mission. Within these central elements and alongside students can choose from 50 undergraduate majors in 4 undergraduate degrees, 7 graduate degrees and a variety of study abroad programs. Lastly, the campus life at CNU provides a great balance and even complements the rigor of the academic programs by providing opportunities in the following six categories: 1) Career, 2) Emotional, 3) Intellectual development, 4) Physical, 5) Social, and 6) Spiritual.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $14,312
Average Amount of Aid Received: $30,532
Average Total Indebtedness: $22,378
Percent Who Borrowed: 80%


Lee University

Image Source

With almost 100 years of experience in Christian education, Lee University (LU) is stepping into a leading role of higher education in the southeastern region of the nation. Awards from U.S. News and World Report, the Princeton Review, and others continue to affirm LU as one of the best comprehensive institutions in the region and the nation. The growing enrollment fueled by Lee’s growing reputation also has enabled the school to expand its academic offerings as well as the number and quality of its faculty. LU offers 43 on-campus undergraduate majors in 87 programs of study along with 4 graduate areas of study. In addition to all of these choices, student can also select from 25-30 global locations to participate in study abroad programs. The amazing growth experienced by LU has also benefitted the quality of the campus life made available to each student. The spiritual growth and maturity of each student is kept a primary focus from beginning to end. Students are challenged to integrate their faith into their academic life and encouraged to dig deeper in their spiritual discplines through campus minsitries and service opportunities both locally and globally. The high quality residence life and breadth of student clubs and organizations all work together with the academic programs to give LU graduates a great foundation to build their rest of their life upon.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $11,773
Average Amount of Aid Received: 20,784
Average Total Indebtedness: $31,992
Percent Who Borrowed: 62.60%


Corban University

Image Source

Established in 1935, Corban University (CU) is located in Salem, OR and operates on a campus of 142 acres of wooded hillside on the outskirts of the city. The core of this institution’s mission is to instill a passion in its graduates to make a difference in the world. Corban faculty and staff believe the best way to make a difference in the world is send out graduates that are biblically trained and theologically grounded. Thus, the academic programs at CU bring to bear the truths of God’s Word upon every principle in each discipline taught. There are over 50 majors and programs of study offered at CU. Student life at CU comes along side these academic programs to train, shape and prepare students to carry the Corban story to the ends of the earth. At CU, students have the exciting opportunity to participate in educational partnerships around the world in Germany, Cameroon, Indonesia and Australia. In addition to these global opportunities, students are able to enjoy a vibrant student life through a multitude of campus activities that range from student-led organizations to beach parties.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $23,853
Average Amount of Aid Received: $26,200
Average Total Indebtedness: $23,853
Percent Who Borrowed: 80%


The King's University

Image Source

The King’s University (KU) is our only institution located outside of the U.S. KU was established in 1979 and is located in Edmonton, Canada. The school is affiliated with the Christian Reformed Church in North America. This affiliation plays out in the academic programs and campus life at KU specifically in the thought that all the world belongs to God and that Christ’s redemptive work embraces all things. The faculty and staff at KU seek to equip its graduates to integrate their faith into every discipline possibly imaginable. There are over 450 courses that cover 20 different areas of study with majors available in 15 concentrations. In addition to these academic programs students also have education programs and pre-professional study options available to them. Few schools on this list can boast that their neighboring community boasts a population of over 1 million people, but KU can and does. It’s not necessarily the number that is important but with a metropolitan center of this size the opportunities for students are endless. Recreational, cultural, professional, and service are to name only a few of the opportunities that are at the finger tips of students at KU. Students looking for distinctly Christian academic training that is carried out in the midst of cultural diverse community will not be disappointed with KU.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: Unavailable
Average Amount of Aid Received: Unavailable
Average Total Indebtedness: $30,002
Percent Who Borrowed: 70%


Palm Beach Atlantic University

Image Source

Palm Beach Atlantic University (PBAU) is located in West Palm Beach, FL. This institution was founded in 1968 and is a comprehensive, interdenominational liberal arts university. While the main campus is located in West Palm Beach, there also adult degree completion and graduate programs offered at the school’s Wellington and Orlando campuses. Undergraduates have 48 majors to choose from while graduates have 5 different programs, with a pharmacy program being one of the graduate fields of study. In addition to the academic training students receive, each and every full-time student is required (45 hours a year are required) to pursue service opportunities that are near and dear to their heart. This is referred to by the campus community as their “Workship.” Going to school in West Palm Beach, FL can’t be all work and no play. This institution’s proximity to beautiful beaches and a culturally diverse surrounding community provide students with lots of choices in how they will spend their spare time. This location not only provides great recreational opportunities but also gives each student ample opportunity to put into practice their classroom training in real world situations through internships, “workships”, study abroad programs and research opportunities.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $22,793
Average Amount of Aid Received: $25,536
Average Total Indebtedness: $28,520
Percent Who Borrowed: 73%


York College

Image Source

Located in York, NE, York College (YC) was founded in 1890 and is affiliated with the Churches of Christ. For over 120 years YC has carried on it mission to use a Christ-centered education to transform the lives of its students and through its academic and campus life to equip students to faithfully serve God all of their lives. This mission is accomplished through four core values. YC faculty and staff seek to transform the lives of their students so that they will encourage and exhort one another to grow and express that growth to the benefit of the entire community. A significant portion of this transformation takes place through an education process that encourages academic discovery coupled with a responsible handling of academic freedom. There are over 20 undergraduate degree programs administered through 12 distinct departments. YC also offers one graduate degree program in the field of Education along with several pre-professional degree programs and a handful of online options. Faculty also strive to equip students with the ability to think critically and to integrate knowledge in ways that enable them to deal with the rapidly changing environment they will face upon graduation. Lastly, YC strives to round out each student’s education by instilling in them the value of service of others. This work is accomplished through campus-based, local, regional and global service opportunities that directly relate to their chosen academic discipline.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $17,733
Average Amount of Aid Received: $21,122
Average Total Indebtedness: $23,750
Percent Who Borrowed: 81%


Emmanuel College

First opened in 1919 under the name Franklin Springs Institute, Emmanuel College (EC) is a private Christian liberal arts school located in Franklin Springs, GA. The core values of this institution are summed in the phrase, “Christ-Centered.” EC believes in and affirms the worth of every single person (Christ-centered Individuals). This view of the individual at EC translates into dedication among faculty and administration to educate each and every student in a way that fosters and encourages growth of the intellect, physical stature and spiritual life. Secondly, EC upholds the significance of the Body of Christ (Christ-centered community). Community life at EC is built through clubs, organizations, spiritual life small groups, chapel services, and many other activities that build accountability, a strong sense of community, and encourage spiritual growth. Lastly, EC practices the integration of faith and learning (Christ-centered higher education). Each student begins their academic training at EC through the foundation of a liberal arts core and then diversifies with over 30 areas of study for undergraduates to choose from. These Christ-centered core values are rounded out with the Pentecostal/Evangelical tradition upheld and supported by the school’s affiliation with the International Pentecostal Holiness Church.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $12,171
Average Amount of Aid Received: $23,975
Average Total Indebtedness: $27,528
Percent Who Borrowed: 77%


William Jessup University

Established in 1939, William Jessup University (WJU) is located on two campuses in both Rocklin, CA and San Jose, CA. Graduates are trained through every experience at this institution to be agents of transformation and redemption by “providing notable servant leadership, enriching family, church and community life and by serving with distinction in their chosen career.” Students are equipped to fulfill this high calling through the liberal arts education they receive at WJU. Degree programs at WJU are offered for traditional undergraduates, adult degree completion and graduate level programs. Each student’s preparation to fulfill all that God is calling them to not only happens in the classroom but also through the campus life activities at WJU. These campus life activities range from student-led organizations, intramural sports to compulsory chapel attendance for full-time students. WJU serves up a well balanced experience that should challenge both the faith and intellect of any incoming student.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $19,019
Average Amount of Aid Received: $24,266
Average Total Indebtedness: $26,195
Percent Who Borrowed: 79.60%


Hope International University

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Hope International University (HIU) was established in 1928 and has its main campus is located in Fullerton, CA. Students can also attend HIU classes through education centers in Corona and Anaheim, CA and Everett, WA. Serving the Church and impacting the world for Christ are at the heart of the Hope’s mission that it carries out through its academic programs and campus life. The academic programs at HIU are administered through five colleges through which traditional and online or blended undergraduate and graduate degrees can be earned. Like many of the institutions in this ranking, HIU is strongly committed to the integration of faith, service and learning both in and out of the classroom. Student government, international study opportunities, campus intramurals are only a few of the opportunities that HIU has to offer when it comes to campus life. Campus ministry opportunities also abound and help to equip students for lives of strong spiritual growth and active service to others.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $19,961
Average Amount of Aid Received: $30,573
Average Total Indebtedness: $28,990
Percent Who Borrowed: 73%


Howard Payne University

Image Source

Established in 1889, Howard Payne University (HPU) is located in Brownwood, TX. HPU is a Christian liberal arts institution that takes pride in its close knit campus community where staff and faculty take a very hands on approach to their influence on the lives of students. Affiliated with the Baptist General Convention of Texas, HPU carries out its Christ-centered mission by developing and equipping the whole person through its rigorous academic programs and active campus life. Six schools at HPU serve up over 100 majors, minors and pre-professional programs. With over 30 student organizations and a host of extracurricular options, students will be able to round out their intellectual training with a lot of opportunities to put into practice much of the theory they are learning in the classroom.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $18,048
Average Amount of Aid Received: $22,817
Average Total Indebtedness: $27,018
Percent Who Borrowed: 78%


Trinity International University

Trinity International University (TIU) was founded in 1897 and is the educational ministry of the Evangelical Free Church of America. The main campus is located in Deerfield, IL with additional study locations in South Chicago, South Florida and online distance education opportunities. TIU is composed of a liberal arts college, a divinity school, a graduate school, and a law school in CA. TIU has carried on its mission to “educate men and women for faithful participation in God’s redemptive work in the world by cultivating academic excellence, Christian faithfulness, and lifelong learning” for over 100 years. Academic excellence is taught in over 30 majors and 23 minors that cover a very diverse range of disciplines. Christian faithfulness is taught and modeled by faculty, administrators and held in high esteem on campus among students. Relationships are the main vehicle for encouraging each and every student to grow in their faith. Students connect with the campus community and surrounding community through an array of extra-curricular activities including weekly chapel services and a host of student led organizations.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $19,824
Average Amount of Aid Received: $26,441
Average Total Indebtedness: $28,584
Percent Who Borrowed: 75%


King University

Image Source

Founded in 1867, King University (KU), formerly known as King College, is a doctoral-level comprehensive university located in Bristol, TN. KU is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church USA and the Evangelical Presbyterian Church and is independently governed. Students have more than 80 majors, minors, pre-professional degrees and concentrations to choose from. At the heart of King’s mission is the spiritual formation of each and every student. Faculty inside and outside the classroom seek to help each student utilize the talents and abilities that God has blessed them with while fostering a stewardships of one’s mind and spirit. Faculty at King are very accessible and are prepared to give each student a significant amount of personal attention. Lastly, students are able to quickly get involved in a wide range of national and international study and service opportunities.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $18,108
Average Amount of Aid Received: $26,060
Average Total Indebtedness: $21,194
Percent Who Borrowed: 85%


Westmont College

Established in 1937 as a Bible Missionary Institute, Westmont College (WC) has not strayed far from its roots as it educates students in Christ-centered liberal arts education that aims to keep Christ preeminent in all things. WC is located in Santa Barbara, CA and continues to gain national recognition for its excellence among national liberal arts institutions. At the core of this recognition are the world-class faculty and rigorous academic programs offered to students at the undergraduate level. Students also get to enjoy a lot of hands on involvement with the faculty due to the low student-to-faculty ratio. There are 26 liberal arts majors, 11 pre-professional programs, an elementary and secondary credential options as well. The book work is well-balanced at WC with off campus programs that include but are not limited to domestic and international semester long programs, athletic events, and service projects that give students the opportunity to be actively involved in the life of the surrounding communities. WC is an institution that continues to attract high-quality faculty, provide students a vibrant Christian community, and prepares each and every graduate to lead the way in their respective field of expertise.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $32,852
Average Amount of Aid Received: 29,860
Average Total Indebtedness: $31,937
Percent Who Borrowed: 69%


Bryan College

“Christ Above All” is the motto at Bryan College (BC), which is located at the foothills of the Smoky Mountains just 35 minutes north of Chattanooga. BC also has campuses in Knoxville and Chattanooga, TN. Since 1930, BC has been carrying out its mission to educate from a Biblical perspective. This approach to academic training is offered in 21 majors with 44 unique programs of study for the undergraduate and 4 graduate programs with 7 areas of study to choose from. Online adult programs at both the graduate and undergraduate level are also offered. Professors at BC strive to integrate their Christian faith deeply into their classes by opening with prayer and encouraging a love for Christ and his Word regardless of the subject matter. This emphasis on integrating one’s Christian faith into every facet of life continues on whether students are in campus groups, on the athletic field or participating in one of Bryan’s many international opportunities.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $15,258
Average Amount of Aid Received: $21,998
Average Total Indebtedness: $16,494
Percent Who Borrowed: 88%


Oral Roberts University

Image Source

“Whole Person Education” is the centerpiece of this well known institution. Oral Roberts University (ORU) was founded in 1965 and is situated on 263 acres in Tulsa, OK. Students have at their doorstep an array of internship, professional development, cultural and recreational resources to round out their education and training at ORU. Academic choices at ORU also abound with students being able to choose from over 65 undergraduate programs, 14 graduate programs, 2 doctoral programs, and multiple degree completion and online options. Regardless of your program or degree level, your mind, body and spirit will be engaged through these rigorous academic programs. This whole person philosophy has earned ORU great success in placing 100% of graduates of the History, Humanities, and Government department, 100% acceptance rate for Pre-Med Honor students and other “points of pride” centered on the professional success of graduates. Another noteworthy point about this institution is the global focus found in the academic programs, study-abroad and mission opportunities, and diverse student body that is made up of students from all 50 U.S. states and more than 70 nations. This vibrant community of faith is a great place to advance and sharpen your intellect, make life-long friends and ultimately to prepare for your life’s mission.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $21,523
Average Amount of Aid Received: $27,463
Average Total Indebtedness: $36,827
Percent Who Borrowed: 59.70%


Waynesburg University

Waynesburg University (WU) is a Christian comprehensive institution located in beautiful Waynesburg, PA that was founded by the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in 1849. Administration and faculty strive to bring together a hands on learning approach through service both domestically and internationally in addition to the more than 70 academic programs for undergraduates. The heavy emphasis on service opportunities has earned WU one of the twenty-one spots in the nation where students can get into the Bonner Scholar Program. WU also offers several choices for graduates and adult degree completion students. Carrying on the tradition of connecting faith, learning and serving for over 165 years, WU has led the way in many areas and is also among one of the first colleges to offer degrees to women. There is a strong sense of community that is fostered through participation in weekly chapel services, Bible studies, weekly student-led contemporary worship services, and challenging speakers. When it comes to value, WU not only leads the way among Christian institutions but has been ranked 104 out of over 1200 nationwide schools with annual enrollments greater than 1,000 students. This accolade is primarily earned by lower than average tuition costs, high average gift aid, and a healthy average institutional aid. WU serves up a powerful combination of rigorous academic programs, hands-on service and learning opportunities and finally a spiritually alive campus community.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $16,768
Average Amount of Aid Received: $22,204
Average Total Indebtedness: $21,000
Percent Who Borrowed: 87%


Biola University

Biola University (BU) has been focused on a biblically centered education, intentional spiritual development and vocational preparation for over 100 hundred years. Truth, transformation, and testimony are the three core values that influence every aspect of a student’s experience at BU. Located in La Mirada, CA, BU maintains this focus with a hard to beat success rate found in few other Christian institutions across the nation. Biola is not satisfied with top rankings in the categories of Christian or liberal arts but is consistently recognized as a player on the national level. The breadth of the academic programs offered at BU is on pace with the national level as it serves up over 145 areas of study with over 40 undergraduate majors as well as master’s, doctoral and professional degree programs. Graduates of any field of study from this well respected institution can be confident of their ability to engage the challenges in their vocation and to do so with a solid Biblical foundation and worldview.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $31,582
Average Amount of Aid Received: $33,179
Average Total Indebtedness: $34,133
Percent Who Borrowed: 67%


Huntington University

Huntington, IN is home to Huntington University (HU) which was founded in 1897. From its inception, HU has been closely affiliated with the Church of the United Brethren in Christ. Consistent with its Brethren roots, spiritual formation is a top priority not only experienced in the traditional or student-led chapel services and campus Bible studies but also experienced in the classroom. HU’s philosophy of education starts with the belief that all truth is God’s truth and strives to equip students to evaluate their discipline in the light of the revelation of Jesus Christ. HU brings this philosophy to bear in over 70 programs of study at the undergraduate and graduate level. This institution doesn’t measure its success primarily based on the numbers it and its graduates produce but more in the degree that student rethink their values in light of their new understanding and experiences. Graduates from HU are trained and equipped to encounter the contemporary world and lead the way in creative responses to it.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $18,741
Average Amount of Aid Received: $24,162
Average Total Indebtedness: $34,662
Percent Who Borrowed: 66%


Azusa Pacific University

Situated in Azusa, CA, Azusa Pacific University (APU) is located only 26 miles northeast of Los Angeles, CA. APU is an inter-denominational institution that hosts the largest student body in the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities and is the second largest evangelical undergraduate student body in the US. Given the size of the student body, new students and visitors will be pleasantly surprised by the warmth and relational nature of this institution. Drawing from the earliest declaration of the university, “God First”, the present day APU remains intent on keeping its campus spiritually alive and vitally Christian. This intent to stay alive and Christ-centered is built upon the foundation of APU’s four cornerstones: 1) Christ 2) Scholarship 3) Community 4) Service. The scholarship cornerstone is comprised of well over 100 combined degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate level, with terminal degrees being offered. The leadership and faculty at APU strive to keep all four cornerstones balanced in their importance in hopes of graduating students that will impact the world for Christ.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $29,990
Average Amount of Aid Received: $24,353
Average Total Indebtedness: $29,413
Percent Who Borrowed: 75%


Calvin College

Calvin College (CC) was founded in 1876 and is situated on a 400 acre campus in Grand Rapids, MI. Affiliated with the Christian Reformed Church in North America, CC aims for both the head and heart of its students. Through a rigorous academic program and intentional Christian community, CC strives to equip their graduates to be Christ’s renewal agents. Majors or minors are offered in over 115 areas of study or pre-professional fields. Calvin’s academic training is only part of the education process. Hands-on research, abundant global and service opportunities compliment the academic training and equip graduates for anything their future can throw at them. The wholeheartedness of the academic programs is parallelled in Calvin’s student life. There are over 70 student organizations, vibrant chapel services and a host of other life transforming opportunities made available to each and every student.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $25,100
Average Amount of Aid Received: $23,325
Average Total Indebtedness: $34,978
Percent Who Borrowed: 65%


Regent University

Regent University (RU) was established in 1978 by Dr. M.G. “Pat” Robertson and is located in Virginia Beach, VA. Dr. Robertson sought to establish a nationally recognized institution that attracted faculty and leadership that had the highest of academic credentials and high caliber national experience in their fields. RU is recognized as one of the nation’s leading Christian institutions that aims to establish the supremacy of Christ in every vocational field and every corner of the earth. The rigorous academic programs at RU are a major factor leading to this national recognition. There are 69 undergraduate and graduate degrees available on campus and online. RU’s online programs earned the institution high marks in the U.S. News and World Report online rankings. RU’s degree program are first-class and provide a world-class education to every student. On campus, international and local opportunities abound through RU that contribute to community members and students who participate in them. Equipped through these opportunities and RU’s excellent academic programs, graduates are ready to fulfill the school’s vision to transform the world.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $18,505
Average Amount of Aid Received: $21,569
Average Total Indebtedness: $31,368
Percent Who Borrowed: 72%


Oklahoma Wesleyan University

Image Source

Oklahoma Wesleyan University (OKWU) is located in Bartlesville, OK and traces its roots back to 1909. This private liberal arts institution of the Wesleyan Church is built upon four foundational ideas: 1) The Primacy of Jesus Christ 2) The Priority of Scripture 3) The Pursuit of Truth and 4) The Pursuit of Wisdom. OKWU offers over 35 majors through the following academic divisions: The Chesapeake Energy School of Business, the School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Religion and Philosophy, the School of Education and the School of Nursing. Campus life at OKWU like many institutions in our list seek to round out the student’s experience and training through numerous student-led clubs, ministries, and spiritual growth opportunities both on and off campus. Online degree programs are offered in multiple undergraduate and graduate fields and enable just about any student’s demanding schedule the opportunity to pursue his or her education goals.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $21,220
Average Amount of Aid Received: $20,622
Average Total Indebtedness: $24,709
Percent Who Borrowed: 83%


Trinity Christian College

Founded in 1959, Trinity Christian College (TCC) is located in Palos Heights, IL and maintains an affiliation with the Christian Reformed Church. TCC’s mission is succintly stated as, “to provide a Biblically informed liberal arts education in the Reformed tradition. Firmly established upon the Reformation’s guiding principle that the infallible Word of God is the fundamental basis of governance and instruction, students will consistently be challenged with the implications of this Reformed worldview in every aspect of their lives. TCC is quickly being recognized as a leader in the Christian liberal arts disciplines and is consistently ranked in the top tier as a regional college. They offer more than 70 programs of study in addition to master’s programs in counseling psychology and special education along with an adult studies program. These academic programs at TCC are only the beginning of opportunities for students to prepare for their future vocation. Internships, cross-cultural opportunities, professional development and ministry opportunities round out the offerings brought to students at this vibrant and growing institution.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $21,396
Average Amount of Aid Received: $21,580
Average Total Indebtedness: $32,535
Percent Who Borrowed: 71%


Northwest Christian University

Northwest Christian University (NCU) is located in Eugene, OR nestled up near the city center and bordered by the University of Oregon. Founded in 1895, NCU continues to carry on their vision of helping students discover and answer God’s call in their lives through academic excellence and faithful stewardship. The following core themes are the backdrop for NCU experience: 1) Manifest excellence in Christian higher education 2) Exercise faithful stewardship 3) Foster life-transformation in a Christ-centered community and 4) Develop purposeful graduates. Undergraduate, graduate and adult degree programs are offered at NCU and are organized into a Liberal Arts and Bible school and a Professional Studies school. Faculty and students alike strive to integrate their faith inside and outside the classroom leading to a campus environment that will challenge your faith and grow in both character and intellect.

Additional school information
Average Net Price: $19,003
Average Amount of Aid Received: $24,547
Average Total Indebtedness: $28,435
Percent Who Borrowed: 78%