Christian Principles in the Field of Healthcare Administration

Jesus, the Great Physician, healed dozens of blind, leprous and paralytic men and women during His earthly ministry. You, too, can offer healing and hope as a healthcare administrator, a job that gives you the responsibility and rewards of helping sick people become well.

While you won’t possess miraculous healing powers, you can ensure hospitals, doctors’ offices, clinics, outpatient care centers and diagnostic laboratories run smoothly and efficiently. Combine your desire to heal with ministry as you cultivate several Christian principles while pursuing a healthcare administration degree and career.


Administrators typically lead a team of professionals and must know how to resolve conflict, be decisive and model servanthood. Learn these leadership skills now as you prepare for a career that requires leadership every day.


Managing people requires excellent communication skills. Hone your communication skills with your friends, teachers and family as you prepare to communicate effectively in a God-honoring way in the future.


Every medical professional works with a team of care providers. Learn how to be at peace with everyone as you work with people who think, act and believe differently than you, provide excellent care to patients and witness for Christ on the job.


Sometimes, your job as a healthcare administrator will place you in challenging situations that require you to make tough decisions. Wisdom will assist you in clarifying the right path for every situation, and true wisdom comes from God. Spend time daily reading the Bible and praying, and fellowship regularly with other believers. Practice asking God for insight in your daily life, too, as you stay connected to God and prepare to work in a career where you will need wisdom only He can provide.

Work Ethic

Administrative roles require critical thinking, problem solving and general healthcare technical skills, and your days will be filled with duties, responsibilities and decisions. The Apostle Paul instructs Christians to do all their work as unto the Lord. Instead of laziness, cultivate a strong work ethic in every task you do as you become equipped to help others and serve God.


Every boss needs someone to help him or her stay grounded. Ask a mentor to hold you accountable. Wise men and women accept correction as they seek to please God in all areas of life.

Empathy and Compassion

God loves His people with an everlasting love. As humans, our love is finite, but you can ask God to fill you with empathy and compassion. These traits allow you to view every person you meet as an individual who is worthy of respect and dignity.

Honesty and Trustworthiness

Your staff and patients rely on you to tell the truth in all circumstances and to maintain confidentiality. Whether you’re listening to a patient’s complaint or handling a feud among co-workers, you must be honest and trustworthy. Start now to practice this necessary trait.

An Even Temper

In many working environments, anger is commonplace. Be different when you become slow to anger – pause before you react, seek to get all the facts before making an emotional decision and try to see issues from the other person’s perspective. Your ability to control anger will have a positive effect on your workplace.

Respect for Others

Your patients and co-workers need to know that you respect them, value their opinions, listen when they speak and follow the same rules you ask them to obey as you manage the office. Morale improves and your staff will operate more efficiently and with greater productivity when they know you respect them.


Even though you’re the boss with many strengths, you will make mistakes. Humility allows you to recognize your faults, apologize for wrongdoing and work to improve any areas of weakness that may prevent you from doing the best job possible. Humility also helps you remain grateful rather than prideful for your position of power and authority.

As a healthcare administrator, you must understand the professional and technical aspects of the field, and as a Christian, you are called to practice biblical principles. At Central Christian College, you receive the professional and spiritual training you need to prepare for a job in healthcare administration.

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