The Purpose of The Best Christian College Ranking

The Best Christian College ranking produced by Christian Universities Online (CUO) is designed to assist students and their families in selecting a school that meets specific criteria – the primary element being that they are a Christian college or university.  Even with that initial sort, the choices can still be overwhelming as the list of intentionally Christian […]

Career Options for Bible College Graduates

If I attend a Bible College will I be limited in my career choices?  What types of job opportunities will my Bible studies degree open up?  Are pastors the only people who benefit from attending a Bible College? If you are considering pursing your degree at a Bible College, these and other questions have probably […]

What is a Bible College?

Christian higher education is not a single category unto itself.  There are differences and distinctions between school types that are important to recognize as a student considers where to pursue a degree.  One such sub-category of Christian colleges is Bible college.  In Bible college, surprise…surprise, the Bible is in the forefront of all coursework; Scripture […]

What’s the Difference between a Bible College and a Christian College?

Is there a difference between Bible College & Christian College? Grove City College Faith-based institutions of higher education will share common elements at their respective cores and have differences (some overt and some more nuanced) in the structure, focus and structure of the school and its programs. What similarities are there between Christian college and […]

Independent versus Denominational Bible College: Pros and Cons

Does it matter what type of Bible College I go to (Independent or Denominational)?   There are pros and cons to choosing a Bible college affiliated with a denomination.  The discerning prospective student will gather as much information as possible before making a final decision. What are the benefits of a Denominational Bible college? Denominational […]

Bible College and Seminary

What is the difference between a Bible College and a Seminary? First, we need to define our terms:  Theological Seminary is an institution whose primary purpose is to educate and equip students to become leaders in ministry.  The areas of attention are in Church Leadership, Missions, Church Planting, Counselors and other areas specifically within the […]