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Top 10 Christian College Music Programs 2017

Christian Universities Online (CUO) is happy to present the Top 10 Christian College Music Programs for 2017.  When considering any specialty, it important to weigh as many factors as possible.  By presenting this shortlist of the Top 10 Music Programs, we desire to provide students and parents with a valuable resource to assist in their decision-making.  CUO […]

Most Beautiful Christian Colleges & Universities – South 2017

In conjunction with our 50 Most Beautiful Bible Colleges 2017, Christian Universities Online (CUO) is pleased to share what we consider to be the 25 Most Beautiful Christian Colleges and Universities in the South 2017.  You will see some familiar campuses, however by bringing the scope down to a regional level, some additional treasures have […]

50 Most Affordable Christian Colleges and Universities 2017

As the cost of higher education rises steadily year by year, semester by semester, budgetary concerns inevitably enter the decision-making process when it comes to selecting a college.  We at Christian Universities Online (CUO) understand that while affordability should not be the main consideration, it is often placed higher up on the priority list than […]

Top 10 Christian College Visual Arts Programs 2017

This ranking endeavors to highlight Christian colleges and universities who offer the very best in Visual Arts programs. Each institution listed is fully accredited and offer programs with unique features that cause it to stand out among the rest in the field of Christian colleges. This list features Christian college visual arts programs that are […]

50 Most Beautiful Bible Colleges 2017

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” the expression goes and there is an element of truth in the statement. Bearing this in mind, we at Christian Universities Online (CUO) have attempted once again to highlight what we consider to be the 50 most beautiful Bible College campuses in the nation. Many students choose […]

Best Christian Colleges and Universities – South 2017

Highlighting schools that are the best of the best when it comes to overall quality, affordability, and student satisfaction, we at Christian Universities Online (CUO) are pleased to present the 25 Best Christian Colleges and Universities in the South for 2017. Choosing a Christian college or university to attend is a serious decision with many […]

50 Most Affordable Bible Colleges

We are excited to compile this list of the most affordable Bible Colleges for 2016. All college tuition and costs are increasing and represent a significant impact on a household budget.  This list is of high quality Bible Colleges that offer degrees from an accredited institution at an affordable rate.  While cost or affordability should […]

Most Affordable Christian Colleges & Universities – West

College tuition and costs can be a great burden to families.  Christian colleges are no exception.  We have compiled the 25 most affordable Christian colleges and universities in the west for 2016.  All schools pass our rigorous scrutiny and have full accreditation.  While total cost is not necessarily the primary measure of a school’s value and […]

Top 10 Christian Education Degree Programs

This ranking contains simply the best of the best in overall education programs that we reviewed this year.  Each school is fully accredited and each has unique features that make it stand out among the field of Christian colleges.  This list is the top tier of Christian college programs in terms of quality, value and […]

Top 50 Christian Colleges and Universities for Veterans 2016

Highlighting Christian liberal arts colleges and universities across the country, this month’s ranking prioritizes schools which excel in the services they offer to members of the United States Military and their dependents. Each of the featured colleges and universities are proud participants in The Yellow Ribbon GI Education Enhancement Program, offer credit for military training, […]