Christian Colleges With Online Degree Programs in Ohio

Individuals who are looking for accredited Christian online colleges in Ohio will have a wide range of truly superb options to choose from. Many of the available schools are dedicated to serving their local communities through Christ. Ohio students who are interested in excellent online programs should strongly consider the following options.

Christian Online Colleges in Ohio

Ashland University
Ashland University is located in central Ohio and offers regional residents an excellent selection of online courses. The school is particularly well known for its nursing and education programs. Students can also obtain business and seminary degrees online. Ashland University is especially concerned with helping students who have work commitments or familial responsibilities during the day. The school’s technical department ensures that each and every online course offers a smooth interface so that individuals can learn from anywhere in the world.

Cincinnati Christian University
Cincinnati Christian University is dedicated to providing its students with excellent Christian instruction so that they can go on to minister to others. The school offers an online academic track that will allow students to eventually obtain seminary degrees. Students can take courses in theology, leadership and evangelism.

Ohio Christian University
Ohio Christian University is one of the more versatile schools in the state. In addition to traditional courses, the university also offers a broad array of online programs that are specifically designed for busy adults. Students can obtain degrees in ministry, interdisciplinary studies, music and teacher education. The ultimate goal is to turn out conscientious graduates who are aware of their place in the world.

Out-of-State Online Christian Colleges Offering Degrees to Students in Ohio

Liberty University Online
Liberty University is located in western Virginia and is one of the largest Christian institutions in the country. The school is positively brimming with Internet courses. Students can choose from 160 programs. While many of the programs are appropriately focused on Christian studies, others are centered on aeronautics, business, criminal justice, history and psychology. Students who are interested in medicine might even take courses in nursing.

Grand Canyon University
Grand Canyon University is based in the Phoenix area but has become famous throughout the country. The school offers a nice selection of online programs that should satisfy students of all stripes. Men and women can pursue degrees in business, teaching, psychology, nursing and digital design. The university also has a unique liberal arts program that will allow students to prepare for a variety of different careers.

Saint Leo University
Saint Leo University is an eminently reputable Christian university that is located north of Tampa. The sheer variety of online courses, however, will make the school intriguing to Ohio residents who are looking for a well-rounded Christian education. Students can take classes in theology, forensic science, criminal justice and liberal studies. By working their way through the required courses, students can obtain their cherished degree sooner rather than later.