Christian Colleges With Online Degree Programs in Texas

Are you looking for an online degree program in Texas that is both accredited and Christian? As one of the most influential states in the Union, Texas has long played an integral role in national politics. In recent years, however, the state has been increasingly recognized for its excellent Christian schools. Residents are able to pursue online degrees in Texas while also remaining steadfast in their Christian faith. In addition to the accredited online Christian colleges in Texas, students are also be able to enroll in online programs through schools that are physically located in other sections of the country.

Online Christian Colleges in Texas

Abilene Christian University
Abilene Christian University is a private institution that is deeply concerned with teaching Christian values. The online graduate degree programs are focused on education. Students can work their way through programs that are dedicated to global service, organizational development and higher education. Certificates are available in conflict resolution, superintendency and enrollment management.

Dallas Baptist University
Dallas Baptist University is a Christian-centered institution that offers a number of online undergraduate and graduate programs. Students can obtain degrees in psychology, sociology and marketing. Advanced degrees, meanwhile, are available in criminal justice, finance and higher education. The university likewise offers graduate certificates in student ministry, worship ministry and human resource management.

Out-of-state Online Christian Colleges Offering Online Degrees in Texas

Ohio Christian University
Ohio Christian University is one of the finest educational institutions in the country. Because the college offers a number of online programs, students will be able to get their degrees over the Internet without actually being present on campus. Students who are interested in distance learning can pursue degrees in psychology, ministry and agribusiness. An accelerated degree program is also offered to adults who wish to complete their educations as quickly as possible.

Liberty University
Located within the rolling hills of western Virginia, Liberty University is an excellent example of what a Christian institution should ultimately be. The school was founded to promote Christian values and to offer each and every student a world-class education. Online students will be intrigued by the broad array of available programs. Individuals can obtain degrees in psychology, religion and nursing. Academic tracks in criminal justice, business and aeronautics are also readily available.

Grand Canyon University
Grand Canyon University is based in the desert city of Phoenix. The school is known for its traditional Christian values and its excellent academic offerings. While the theology and youth ministry programs are popular, many students also choose to pursue degrees in the liberal arts. Individuals can also choose to go into business or education.

Saint Leo University
Saint Leo University mirrors the other colleges on this list. The school offers a fine selection of online programs. Students can study business, religion, sociology, marketing and accounting. Criminal justice students, meanwhile, can concentrate on forensic science, forensic psychology, critical incident management and legal studies. A number of outstanding graduate certificate programs are also available.

Whether residing in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, or El Paso, students can choose from several reputable online Christian schools in Texas.