50 Best Bible Colleges 2017

Christian Universities Online is pleased to present our 2017 list of the Best Bible Colleges. Each one of the 50 schools highlighted below stood out from rest in a number of areas, earning their place in this ranking. Several factors were considered, including accreditation, personal attention given to students, selectivity, readily available financial aid as […]

Most Affordable Christian Colleges & Universities – North 2017

Continuing in our series of the most cost-effective Christian colleges by region, we are pleased to present our list of the Most Affordable Christian Colleges and Universities in the North. A follow up to our 50 Most Affordable Christian Colleges and Universities 2017, this list highlights institutions located in the northern region of the U.S. […]

Most Affordable Colleges & Universities – South 2017

Cost increases are nothing new, nor surprising.  This includes the cost of higher education, which seems to creep up higher and higher semester by semester.  Despite a family’s best efforts to be completely open and objective, budgetary concerns inevitably enter the decision-making process when it comes to selecting a college.  Having published the 50 Most […]

Top Christian Law Schools 2017

The Legal Profession has many varied paths.  Trial law, civil law, politics and criminal justice are just a few areas that require a degree in Law.   At its heart, the role of an attorney is that of an advocate – whether for an individual client or for writing the laws of a nation.  The legal […]

Top Online Christian College Graduate Schools 2017

Often, the decision to continue education beyond a Bachelor’s Degree will lead to an uncomfortable discussion.  There are many decisions that need to be made; among the most important is the choice of full-time school or part-time (course by course).  Each option has significant impact and the decision process can be agonizing.  Fortunately, in today’s […]

Top 25 Online Christian Colleges and Universities 2017

Distance Learning.  It is increasing in popularity each year.  The convenience of Online learning is very attractive to today’s students, as it allows flexibility, reduces peripheral costs and offers the same programs available on campus.  The benefits to both student and school are many:  wider reach, more opportunities for faculty and reduced overhead for the […]

Top 10 Engineering Degree Programs 2017

When considering a career in Engineering, the traditional “best schools” are no longer the best options.  While the traditional technical schools maintain strong programs, the discipline of Engineering has changed and expanded greatly over the past 25-30 years.  This has allowed for other schools to enter the field and produce excellent programs.  While structural, mechanical […]

50 Top Mission Minded Christian Colleges and Universities 2017

Among the first things a new Christian learns about is the “Great Commission” referenced in Matthew 28.  As Christians mature in the faith, God puts His call on people to obey this mandate in formal overseas and/or cross-cultural mission work.  Early Church history details the expansion of mission organizations and chronicles the spread of the […]

Most Beautiful Christian Colleges & Universities – West 2017

Continuing in our presentation of “Most Beautiful Campuses,”initially presented in the 50 Most Beautiful Christian Colleges and Universities 2017, Christian Universities Online (CUO) now turns attention to the West.  Many of the schools listed on the Top 50 are showcased here as well; some may say that the Western portion of the country has an […]

Christian Principles in the Field of Healthcare Administration

Jesus, the Great Physician, healed dozens of blind, leprous and paralytic men and women during His earthly ministry. You, too, can offer healing and hope as a healthcare administrator, a job that gives you the responsibility and rewards of helping sick people become well. While you won’t possess miraculous healing powers, you can ensure hospitals, […]