Top Christian Business Degree Programs 2017

The global economy runs on business.  Small and large, global corporations and sole proprietorships impact the economy on a local level and national level.  The integrity of several companies has come under close scrutiny lately; the need for business leaders with good moral character is becoming more evident daily.  Christian Colleges and Universities help to […]

50 Best Value Christian Colleges & Universities 2017

Christian Universities Online (CUO) has published the Most Affordable Christian Colleges and Universities taking the ‘Net Price’ into primary consideration.  This ranking takes additional criteria into account to compile the Best Value – think “return on investment” – among Christian Colleges and Universities.  The cost of a degree is steadily (or dramatically) increasing, and while […]

Most Beautiful Christian Colleges & Universities – Midwest 2017

In our continued narrowing of the scope of beautiful campuses, first presented in the “50 Most Beautiful Bible Colleges 2017,” Christian Universities Online (CUO) is pleased to share what we believe to be the 25 Most Beautiful Christian Colleges and Universities in the Midwest 2017.  There are some familiar campuses and fresh faces as well […]

Best Christian Colleges & Universities – West 2017

As the next chapter in a series, Christian Universities Online is happy to present the Top 25 Christian Colleges and Universities in the West for 2017.  Not merely a subset of the national top 50; this ranking only narrows the geographic criteria and starts from square one with the evaluation criteria.  CUO offers these rankings […]

Top Christian Communication & Journalism Degree Programs 2017

Journalism and Communications have been a hot topic over the past 12-18 months, especially at the end of the year following the US Presidential election.  Traditional news outlets were discovered to have presented misleading (or outright false) information.  Integrity is a critical component of journalism and communications; and one result of the impropriety of the […]

50 Most Beautiful Christian Colleges and Universities 2017

The decision where to pursue a degree includes the evaluation of many different criteria.  Reputation of programs, graduation rate, total cost are but a few items to consider.  An oft-overlooked element is the physical surroundings and components of the campus itself.  While not a primary criteria, campus beauty should not be ignored.  In light of […]

Top 10 Christian Colleges and Universities in California 2017

In conjunction with our 2017 ranking of the top 50 ranking of Christian Colleges and Universities in the U.S., Christian Universities Online (CUO) is pleased to present our regional rankings – more than just s subset of the top 50, these schools are first separated geographically, and the ranking criteria applied anew.  We at CUO […]

Top Christian Colleges & Universities in Pennsylvania 2017

Pennsylvania is not just the “cradle of American liberty,” the state plays a large part in every aspect of American history  From the historic district of Philadelphia to Valley Forge to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania provides a unique backdrop for higher education.  Pennsylvania also offers many different environments – urban, suburban, rural and farm – as well […]

Top 50 Christian Colleges and Universities Exceeding Expectations 2017

As students pour through mountains of data and information determining where to earn their college degree, there are a myriad of information sources available (including Christian Universities Online!).  Working through the massive amounts of data can be overwhelming – it is best to consider the important factors that enter into the decision process.  One oft-overlooked […]

Top 10 Nursing Degree Programs 2017

The study of the medicine is important; and it is not limited to secular schools.  Nursing is a vital field (and much in demand) for the Christian student.  Like Biology and Psychology, medical study is an exercise in discernment of God’s creation – the human body.  The inner-workings and inter-relatedness of the components is astounding. […]