Top Online Bible Colleges

Similar to our list of the Top 50 Online Christian Colleges and Universities 2016, this ranking features the best online undergraduate programs among Bible Colleges.  The primary difference between a Christian liberal arts university and a Bible college is the main focus and the range of academic studies offered. For example, Christian liberal arts colleges […]

Hard Questions – Honest Answers 101

As you consider your journey toward whatever goal you have (ministry, career, etc.), the subject of higher education is certain to enter the process.  An accredited Christian college, a top Christian graduate program, and Seminary are all viable options (and often they are necessary steps) to help reach your goal. Along the way, you will encounter […]

The 50 Best Christian College & University Athletic Programs

Athletics are a significant aspect of college life for many students. While sports may not be the primary focus of students, sports has a real presence on campus. Just about every student at a college campus either enjoys participating, spectating or for some both. For some campuses, Saturday’s football game dominates the day and offers […]

The Top 50 Christian Colleges & Universities with the Lowest Debt Burden 2016

Featuring Christian liberal arts colleges and universities whose 2014 graduating class had the lowest average debt burden, this ranking seeks to provide useful data to parents and students who are endeavoring to make an informed decision in choosing the best Christian institution to meet their needs. Understanding that the long term impact which student loan […]

How to Prepare Your Kids for College – Part 3

Part Three:  Putting it all together As we discuss the impact of the decision to pursue a college degree, we have found many “moving parts” that need to be locked down as part of the process.  After considering the various environments on campus (Physical, Spiritual and Educational) and the practical needs for your student (Financial, […]

How to Prepare Your Kids for College – Part 2

Part Two: Practical Needs In our first installment (Environments to Consider), we discussed the more ethereal concerns of sending your High School graduate to college. The areas covered were the three main environments to consider when looking at a particular school: the Physical Environment (residence issues, physical campus, etc.), Spiritual Environment (the underlying worldview of […]

How to Prepare Your Kids for College – Part 1

Photo by Joel Coleman

Environments to Consider In an effort to help assist parents as they guide their children through the next chapter of their life – beyond High School – we will take a look at several areas that warrant parental attention. In the first part, we will examine various environments that these students will encounter: Physical, Spiritual […]

50 Best Value Christian Online MBA Programs 2015

In our last featured ranking of the 50 Best Value Christian MBA Programs we began by highlighting the financial value of a MBA education. Today’s MBA graduates not only enjoy financial rewards but are highly sought after by employers seeking new hires. Those same benefits are offered to students seeking their MBA degree while doing […]

50 Best Value Christian MBA Programs 2015

50 Best Value Christian MBA Programs 2015

The value of an MBA education continues to be strong as ever. Full-time MBA graduates typically see an increase in their salary when compared to their earnings before starting business school. Employers continue to target MBA graduates when seeking new hires. The institutions in our ranking not only position their graduates for a significant increase […]

50 Christian Colleges with the Lowest Debt Burden

50 Christian Colleges with the Lowest Debt Burden

This list attempts to present a ranking of Christian colleges and universities whose class of 2013 graduated with the lightest debt burden. We hope that this information will be helpful to parents and students who are seeking to make the most informed decision possible when choosing a Christian institution of higher education. With this ranking, […]