The Purpose of The Best Christian College Ranking

The Best Christian College ranking produced by Christian Universities Online (CUO) is designed to assist students and their families in selecting a school that meets specific criteria – the primary element being that they are a Christian college or university.  Even with that initial sort, the choices can still be overwhelming as the list of intentionally Christian colleges and universities is long.  As a general guide to Christian colleges and universities, this ranking presents schools that excel in various areas.  The  schools that are included represent the best available Christian colleges and universities in the country.  Each has its own unique characteristics which are important for the prospective student to consider.

CUO helps students make an informed decision

CUO’s rankings are intended to provide additional information about a particular school in order for the prospective student to make an informed decision about their higher education.  “Knowledge is power” is an appropriate adage and CUO seeks to provide good data to serve as an introduction to a school not previously considered or present additional information about a school that is on a “short list” of possibilities.  Equipped with an overall ranking of schools as well as an overview of each school individually, prospective students are able to begin the decision process based on good data and sound research.

The ranking provides a dense glimpse into a school

Each school included in the ranking is given its “15 minutes of fame” – a brief yet detailed overview of the college or university that gives insight into its history, fields of study and various statistical data, including academic structure, degree programs and more.  Contained in the short summary is information distilled from a number of sources including location and historical facts that are useful to consider when deciding on a degree.  The broad scope of information compressed into a few paragraphs conveys information efficiently; instead of a list of data points, prospective students are given a warm introduction to each school.

CUO showcases intentionally Christian schools that focus on specific criteria

As stated already, CUO showcases intentionally Christian colleges and universities that excel in important areas such as personal attention to individual students, availability of financial aid, admission selectivity and student satisfaction as a start.  Additional factors are also considered: Faculty/Student ratio, retention rate and graduation rate to name three.  Our evaluation process produces a ranking that places the school that is the “total package” at the top of the list.  Other aspects of the schools will play a significant part of the student’s ultimate decision – the best choice for the student may not be in the top 10 of the list; this is exactly why the list is expanded to include additional options.

CUO is a comprehensive resource for the Christian student

CUO desires to be a valuable resource for students and families as they set out to make a significant decision.  Pursuing a degree is a daunting task; when faced with the vast amount of information available (both online and in print), it is easy to get overwhelmed and confused.  CUO seeks to cut to the heart of the matter by presenting schools in a way that is easy to read and comprehend, includes criteria important to prospective students and families and is readily accessible.