Top 25 Christian Counseling Blogs of 2014

top 25 christian counseling blog 2014
The collection of blogs below represents a small slice of the Christian counseling world.  This list attempts to provide a sampling of the differing approaches to the practice of counseling within the Christian community.  Our intent is to provide a resource for Christian counselors for both their personal and professional edification.

The quality of the content was given the greatest consideration in determining the ranking of these blogs.  Other factors contributing to the ranking process were frequency of posts, relevancy of topics, and last but not least, overall curb appeal of the blog.

  1. Brad Hambrick:  Written by a pastor, professor and theologian, this blog provides a very didactical resource for a wide variety of counseling needs.  These posts provide a valuable resource for the entire Christian community but are especially suited for pastoral and professional counseling needs.  The writing is extremely detailed and dives deeply into each topic, so bring your utensils for the meat you will find here.
  2. The Biblical Counseling Coalition (BCC):  This blog is built on the foundational questions, “What does it mean to counsel in the grace and truth of Christ.”  While this site has an abundance of valuable post, its greatest contribution to the Christian counselor is breadth of resources and tools it puts at your fingertips.
  3. Covenant Eyes:  This blog brings powerful and practical advice to address one of the fastest growing and pervasive issues Christian counselors are facing.  Pornography addiction impacts so many and this blog has resources for a wide variety of counseling needs.
  4. Biblical Counseling for Women:  Don’t let this blog’s title make you think the material is only for women.  The gritty and practical approach this blog brings to the field of Christian counseling can help both sexes.
  5. Don Olund:  If you are a couple struggling to connect with each other or a family with unresolved conflict or estranged children, this blog has a lot of hope and practical advice to offer you.  Don Olund, experienced counselor, author and life coach speaks to challenges everyone has faced at some point their life.
  6. American Association of Christian Counselors:  The post found on the blog of the world’s largest Christian counseling organization has a surprisingly broad scope of material.  Whether you are a professional counselor, pastor or a lay church member with no formal training, you will find the material in this blog very helpful.
  7. Institute for Nouthetic Studies:  This blog brings you resources from one of the pioneers of the nouthetic counseling movement, Dr. Jay Adams.  These posts are seasoned with decades of experience and are helpful for any reader.
  8. HeadHeartHand:  This blog is brought to you by well known pastor, professor and author, Dr. David Murray.  Dr. Murray’s posts deal with wide variety of issues facing Christians in today’s world and are not entirely focused on counseling topics.  However, the well rounded mix of content contained in this blog will better equip any counselor looking to minister to the myriad of needs he or she will face either in the church or the clinic.
  9. Desiring God:  John Piper’s contributions to modern day Christianity are surpassed by only a few author, theologians, or counselors.  His contributions to this blog or influence upon those posting here will be of great to benefit to any Christian counselor.
  10. Center for Biblical Counseling:  Counseling born out of ministry in a local church is the milieu from which this blog is brought to us.  This blog’s posts have a great devotional element to them and will prove fruitful to the personal and professional edification of any counselor.
  11. Leslie Vernick:  The post contained in this blog are tested and tried from the personal experience of the writer.  Counselor and author, Leslie Vernick, brings relationship help that has been learned by trials in her own life and should give the reader the feel of a coach who is right there beside you.
  12.  Pastor, blogger, author and book reviewer, Tim Challies, brings one of the best blog resources for anyone involved in ministering to others.  His book reviews will help any counselor make better choices on reading selections.  This blog is not purely devoted to counseling topics but can be easily mined for hours and hours of useful reading.
  13. Spiritual Healing and Growth:  This blog gives the reader a unique insight into challenges faced by Christian counselors when their life’s work takes them into other cultures.  These unique posts interspersed with “homegrown” subjects should push this blog upward on your blog list.
  14. Biblical Counseling Center:  This center’s mission is “helping churches care for people.”  That mission directs the content on this blog, which is weighted more than others in the list in giving some informal training material to practitioners.  With that being said, don’t rush past this blog if you are looking for personal nourishment from God’s Word.
  15. Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation: Although this blog has few if any direct contributions from highly respected theologian and counselor Dr. David Powlison, his oversight as the Executive Director of the CCEF should encourage any Christian counselor to stay up to date with this blog.
  16. Association of Certified Biblical Counselors:  This blog is a close relative to the blog produced by the Institute for Nouthetic Studies.  The association’s executive director, Heath Lambert, who is the major contributor to this blog keeps today’s Christian counselor informed on poignant and pressing needs facing today’s nouthetic Christian counselor.
  17. Bible Therapy:  This blog’s subtitle, “Why Christians can’t trust Psychology,” leaves no guess work as to this author’s position in that popular debate among Christian Counselors.  Don’t miss out on the collection of helpful posts simply because you have a different opinion regarding the role of Psychology in counseling.
  18. Pastors Today:  Given the reality that most pastors spend so much of their time in counseling situations, the material in this blog should serve as great encouragement to the pastor/counselor.  Pastor/counselor take time to read these posts for they will not only help you with your ministry but also minister to you as you face the unique demands of your calling.
  19. Living Water Christian Counseling:  This blog brings the reader advice that has been fired in the crucible of Dr. Norman Wise’s own life.  These posts are scripture saturated and very practical.
  20. Cornerstone Christian Counseling:  The therapeutic approach of the counseling practice responsible for this blog can be strongly felt in the content.  Reading this blog is like sitting down with one of the practice’s therapist.  The posts bring a good mix of lesson through the life experiences in addition to covering a variety of helpful counseling topics.
  21. The Counseling Moment:  Written from the heart of a pastor with lots of life experience.  The author provides concise summaries of his own research and thus gives the practitioner a head start in gathering much needed resources for a wide variety of counseling needs.
  22. Gobbel Counseling:  The subtitle of this blog is, “Parenting. Adoption. And Adoptive Parenting.”  As the Church slowly wakes up to the “true religion” of caring for orphans and the Christian family disintegrates, the content in this blog should be thoroughly digested.
  23. Faith Notes:  Author and counselor, Dottie Parish, draws out of her thirty plus years of experience for the material found in this blog.  The content is weighted toward family and marriage counseling subjects with posts on a variety of Bible study topics sprinkled in between.
  24. Christian Counseling of McAlester:  This blog is brought to you from the experience of a daily practitioner and is extremely practical and down to earth.
  25. CrossRoad Counselor:  The Christian counselor will find the well balanced content in this blog is like having their own virtual life coach.  Some blogs are didactical and reference rich but this blog’s strength and contribution is how it weaves counseling subjects into something akin to a devotional read.  With that being said, there is plenty of instructive material here for today’s counselor but the way in which it is delivered makes it a very easy read.