What is a Bible College?

Christian higher education is not a single category unto itself.  There are differences and distinctions between school types that are important to recognize as a student considers where to pursue a degree.  One such sub-category of Christian colleges is Bible college.  In Bible college, surprise…surprise, the Bible is in the forefront of all coursework; Scripture is at the center of the mission statement, code of conduct and academic environment.  In short, Bible college is all about the Bible!  The decision to answer God’s call by seeking a Bible college degree is not insignificant.  There are few better ways to “seek His face” in academic study than attending Bible college.

What are the opportunities for a Bible College graduate?

Bible college is designed to feed graduates into direct ministry careers.  A Bible college degree can be a prerequisite for a seminary career, but there are many other fields open to Bible college graduates beyond theology and/or pastoral roles.  Christian ministry encompasses education, counseling, missions, worship and music (this is but a partial list), and Bible college is designed to equip and prepare the student for a vibrant career in these fields.  Bible college academics can also prepare a student for further, more in-depth study as they work toward a Doctorate or seek higher degrees at a seminary.  While the overall scope of study is narrow, the future opportunities are wide.

How are Bible colleges similar to other Christian schools?

Bible colleges offer the same level of degree with very similar academic requirements and standards found at most colleges and universities.  The fact that the scope of academic study is narrower does not indicate a less rigorous education experience.  Not many Bible colleges are accredited by Department of Education-approved accrediting boards (which allow students to qualify for government-funded student financial aid); however, most Bible colleges provide access to private sources of student financial aid to assist students with tuition and other expenses.  To get a better grasp of affordability of certain schools, check out our ranking of the most affordable Bible colleges.  Also, the campus atmosphere will be similar to Christian colleges in that social activities will be similar; Code of Conduct will have a similar, Biblically-based foundation; and a mandate for high academic integrity will be the standard.

How should I compare Bible colleges to each other?

Our ranking of the best Bible colleges is a great place to start when trying to compare certain Bible schools to one another. Stats on acceptance rates and school history and location help flesh out the college and get you a little more familiar with it.  Details including faculty:student ratio and degree programs offered will help a prospective student generate a short-list of potential schools to investigate further.  When comparing details, a discerning prospective student should always include the aspects that are most important to them – be it location (urban versus rural), availability of financial aid or number of degree programs.  Knowledge is power, according to an old saying, and this ranking helps empower the prospective student by conveying good information about Bible colleges.